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Farm and Irrigation Equipment Loan

Farm and Irrigation Equipment Loan
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Agro Equipment & Farm Machinery Loan

With the Changing scenario the traditional agricultural system is being replaced by mechanized one. In order to meet up the changing demand of this sector, BKB offers credit facilities both for production and marketing of different agricultural equipment and farm machinery including irrigation equipment. All sorts of irrigation equipments like LLP, HPTW, STW, DTW are eligible under the sector.

Agro Processing Industries

As an agricultural country different types of crops and fruits are produced here. Moreover recently sectors like poultry, dairy, fisheries have flourished enormously. There is enough scope for export of these items through processing mechanism and value addition. The agro based industries are – Poultry farm, Dairy farm, Food processing plant, Fish freezing/Processing Industries etc. Reputed local businessmen and prospective foreign investors are highly acceptable and encourage to the bank for establishment of any sorts of agro-processing industries in Bangladesh. Project under joint venture as well as direct foreign investors are specially taken care of.

Poultry farm

  • Poultry broiler farm
  • Poultry layer farm
  • Poultry (broiler/layer) hatchery
  • Poultry farm related/dependent project

Dairy farm

  • Milk production
  • Milk collection, milk processing (ghee, butter, pasteurized milk etc production) and marketing

Food processing project

  • Fruit based food preparation, processing, preservation & marketing
  • Flour, bread & biscuit vermicelli, noodles, chips., chanachur, corn flakes, potato flakes, French fry, popcorn, baby food, starch etc
  • Juice, jam, jelly, tomato ketchup, sauce, pickle etc production & marketing
  • Spices processing
  • Different types oil mill, dal mill etc
  • Small processing industry at farm level
  • Dehydrated fruit canning, packaging, preservation & marketing

Exportable items

  • Fish processing
  • Freezing plant
  • Dehydration plant (for dry fish processing)
  • Salting and Dehydration of Jew fish.
  • Leather process & leather based products item
  • Vegetables

Import substitutes

  • Leather and Leather Goods
  • Fish net/net thread production
  • Garments accessories (garments allied industry like washing plant, packaging etc)
  • Organic fertilizer, mixed fertilizer, urea super granules etc production & marketing
  • Insecticides production
  • Bio-pesticide, neem based pesticide production
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