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Fisheries Loan

Fisheries Loan
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To accelerate fish production BKB provides loan for excavation and re-excavation of ponds, development of marshy lands, establishment of fish hatcheries and new fisheries projects. The Loans are given in the following sub sectors:

White Fish

  • Fish culture in existing pond/tank
  • Fish culture by re-excavation of old/derelict tank/tank
  • Fish culture by excavation of new tank/tank

Shrimp culture (Marine, Brackish water and sweet water Culture )

  • Shrimp culture in traditional system (Bagda or Tiger Shrimp)
  • Shrimp culture in scientific system
  • Shrimp culture in semi-intensive method
  • Prawn culture in sweet water(Galda)

This loan is given mainly in coastal areas for developed technology based shrimp culture.

Fish & Shrimp hatchery (fingerlings production)

  • Fingerlings production in sweet water
  • Shrimp fingerlings production (fingerlings of commercially profitable technology)
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