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Live Stock & Continuous Loan

Live Stock & Continuous Loan
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Live stock sector plays an important role in the development of agriculture. BKB provides loan for Bullock, Milky Cow, Goatery, Beef fattening and other draft animals. It is basically Medium Term Loan.

Beef Fattening Program :

With a view to creating self employment for the poor and un-employed people of the country the bank has introduced a new program titled “Beef Fattening”.

Objectives of the program

  • Create self-employment opportunity for poor and un-employed people.
  • Meet national deficit of animal protein.
  • Bring positive change in the attitude of the people through training.
  • Ensure participation of bank officials in the program and increase their sense of duty and consciousness.

Main Aspects

  • Purely supervised credit.
  • The bank officials giving guarantee are responsible for recovery of loan.
  • Each borrower will get maximum Tk. 25,000/-for 5 calves ( each Tk. 5,000/-)
  • Loan is collateral free.
  • Repayable within one year.

Continuous Loan:

  • The bank is providing continuous loan for different types of activities as cash credit/working capital loan on short term basis.
  • Continuous loan is given for processing, preservation and marketing of agricultural products.
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