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E-Filing System

E-Filing System
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1. BCBD-577: Allocated Office Code & Uniform Class for E-filing System.

2. E-Filing Tutorial Video : 

1.E-Filing Tutorial 01 Login.mp42.E-Filing Tutorial 02 intro and Log out.mp43.E-Filing Tutorial 03 Profile change and Save.mp4
4.E-Filing Tutorial 04 Passward pic sign change and Save.mp45. E-Filing Tutorial 05 Letter UpLoad.mp46.E-Filing Tutorial 06 Make Seal.mp4
7.E-Filing Tutorial 07 View Letter in detail.mp48.E-Filing Tutorial 08 Decision in a Letter.mp49.E-Filing Tutorial 09 Letter send to other..mp4
10.E-Filing Tutorial 10 Letter Putup in file.mp411.E-Filing Tutorial 11 Watch Note and Letter in Putuped file.mp412.E-Filing Tutorial 12 Add Flag and Letter or docoment in Note.mp4
13.E-Filing Tutorial 13 Add privious Paragraph in Note and Save.mp414.E-Filing Tutorial 14 Note Edit Delete and Send.mp415.E-Filing Tutorial 15 Watch Arrived Note.mp4
16.E-Filing Tutorial 16 Make Decision in Note and Send.mp417.E-Filing Tutorial 17 Make a Letter Draft.mp418.E-Filing Tutorial 18 Select who approve Draft.mp4
19.E-Filing Tutorial 19 Select Letter Sender Recipient and Group Recipient.mp420.E-Filing Tutorial 20 Select Letter Attention and Copy Recipient.mp421.E-Filing Tutorial 21 Approved Draft Letter Edit Save Print and Delete.mp4
22.E-Filing Tutorial 22 Draft Letter Sand for Approval.mp423.E-Filing Tutorial 23 Draft Letter Approval and Edit During Approval.mp424.E-Filing Tutorial 24 After Approval Send to Issue.mp4
25.E-Filing Tutorial 25 Issue a Approved Letter.mp426.E-Filing Tutorial 26 Letter in Master File.mp427.E-Filing Tutorial 27 File Send to Other.mp4
28.E-Filing Tutorial 28 Settlement a File.mp4


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