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225702021-07-15Procurement 27 : Rent of Staff Bus for Transportation of Officers/Employees of LPO & Head Office.EWTD, PROCUREMENT & EWTD, UncategorizedPDF
149662020-01-13মুজিব বর্ষকে(২০২০) সামনে রেখে ”পরিচ্ছন্ন গ্রাম-পরিচ্ছন্ন শহর” কার্যক্রম সংক্রান্ত ।EWTDPDF
117762019-05-16Regarding Participating on the Meeting about 100th Birthday Celebration Related Planning & Program Fixing of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.EWTDPDF
110312019-03-07Charge Handover Of Golam Hossein Majumder (G-505), AGM, Procurement & EWTD, To Md. Khursed Rashid (K-715), SPO. & Release LetterEWTD, PROCUREMENT & EWTDPDF
102922019-01-08Joining Letter of Md. Mominul Islam Talukder (M-3256), DGM(In Charge), EWTD.EWTD, Personal LettersPDF
99922018-12-12Regarding observing victory day on 16th December , 2018EWTDPDF
98022018-11-26Tender for Renting Micro-bus(Duel AC) on Monthly Basis for DGMs' & AGMs'.EWTDPDF
94532018-10-29Invitation for auction of Motorgari.EWTDPDF
94492018-10-29Invitation for Tender for Motorgari.EWTDPDF
86012018-08-13Regarding Observation of National Mourning Day being included with respective District & Upazilla Level Programs.EWTDPDF
84072018-07-30Meeting Minutes Regarding Observation of 15 August,2018- 'National Mourning Day' with due RespectEWTDPDF
81802018-07-15Advertisement for Enlistment.EWTDPDF
79122018-06-28836: Advertisement of Re tender on Purchase of Motor Vehicle.EWTDPDF
66722018-03-13Tender Advertisement for selling Mottor Vehicle-665.EWTDPDF
57602018-01-11Tender for Microbus(AC) for the transportation of DGM & AGMEWTDPDF
55972018-01-03EWTD-1(4)part-3/2017-18/425: Regarding 7th March, 1971 Speech of Bongabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has been Enlisted in World Documentary Heritage.EWTDPDF
51412017-11-30EWTD-50(3)Part-10/2017-18/322: Regarding Unique Application form for Medical Allowance.EWTDPDF
47352017-10-22Re-Tender for selling Motor Car.EWTDPDF
42892017-09-11Invitation of tender for Microbus for carrying DGM & AGMEWTDPDF
41052017-08-22Admin Circular-17/17: Regarding Anudan project after death.EWTDPDF
36052017-06-22Invitation of tender for selling BKB's motor vehicle.EWTDPDF
28482017-03-22Invitation of participation in rally on the occasion of the Independence and National Day on 26 th March, 2017.EWTDPDF
26962017-03-01Shok Songbad.EWTDPDF
23232017-01-26Invitation of tender for Purchasing 03 Nos. of Car.EWTDPDF
16962016-11-22Invitation of Tender for purchase of car.EWTDPDF
16772016-11-22Admin Circular no.19/2016: About new ceiling on Motor Cycle LoanEWTDPDF
15012016-11-08Tender for Selling Motor Car.EWTDPDF
14192016-10-31Invitation for tender on Purchasing Microbus.EWTDPDF
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