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242472021-10-14Promotion Order from AGM to DGMHRMD2PDF
232812021-08-29HRMD-1-319: Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO (29-08-2021).HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
232792021-08-29Passport approval of Sadiqul Alam (S-3819).HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
232172021-08-26Passport Approval of B M Afroza (A-3184).HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
230162021-08-17Passport Approval of Rozina Khatun (R-1352).HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
226072021-07-18HRMD-1(Section-2)/60: PRL Order of Durga Prashad Kar (D-419).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
226052021-07-18HRMD-1(Section-2)/61: PRL Order of Md. Amzed Hossain (A-3348).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
215452021-05-30HRMD 2- 3206: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
212602021-04-22PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam (A-6496).HRMD1, HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
211942021-04-18Hrmd-2-2960: Disciplinary action for MD. Shipon Mia(S-4450).HRMD2, HRMD3, Personal LettersPDF
203562021-03-25Joining Letter of Md. Mosharraf Hossain (M-3218), Honorable GM at International Accounts Division.HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
199542021-02-24Joining Letter of Md. A. Rahim, Honorable GM at LPO.HRMD2PDF
194052021-01-03HRMD 2- 1991: Charge Handover of Md. Abu Sadek Mia(A-6662) to Md. Abdur Rouf(R-1218), DGM, HRMD-2.HRMD2PDF
183592020-11-22HRMD-1/23: Regarding Administrative power access for File processing and moving.HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
182822020-11-12PRL Order of Md. Monjur Roshed(M-1816).HRMD1, HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
181482020-10-29Promotion Order AGM to DGM (928/8)HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
178452020-10-12HRMD1-834: Viva Schedule for Promotion from SPO to AGM.HRMD1, HRMD2
167422020-08-12PRL Order of Md. Lutfor Rahman (L-107).HRMD1, HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
167092020-08-06PRL Order of mohammad Nechar Uddin (N-694).HRMD1, HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
166962020-08-05HRMD2-2976: Disciplinary action against officer of BKB.HRMD2, HRMD3, Personal LettersPDF
166942020-08-05HRMD2-2975: Disciplinary action against officer of BKB.HRMD2, HRMD3, Personal LettersPDF
166922020-08-05HRMD2-2977: Disciplinary action against officer of BKB.HRMD2, HRMD3, Personal LettersPDF
164922020-07-12Admin Circular-07/2020: পরিবেশ ও সামাজিক ঝুঁকি ব্যবস্থাপনা গাইডলাইনHRMD2, Policy & GuidelinePDF
159472020-04-21Suspension of Principal Officer Sharmila PalitHRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
158802020-03-25HRMD-2/3148: Regarding limited Training program.HRMD2PDF
156382020-03-03HRMD 2- 2248: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
156362020-03-03HRMD 2- 2251: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
156342020-03-03HRMD 2- 2252: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
156322020-03-03HRMD 2- 2253: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
153922020-02-13Office Memorandum - 2592HRMD2PDF
153752020-02-12HRMD 2- 2046: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
153732020-02-12HRMD 2- 2060: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
151602020-01-26HRMD 2- 1705: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
151582020-01-26HRMD 2- 1622: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
151552020-01-26HRMD 2- 1706: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
150582020-01-16Office Memorandum of Md. Mostafizur Rahman, AGM.HRMD2PDF
149182020-01-09Joining Letter of Mr. Dipak Kumar Chakraborty, ICT Consultant.HRMD2PDF
137652019-10-24Office Memorandum of Honorable MD to Attend the "5th Annual Bilateral US-Bangladesh CFT Banking Dialogue" at USA.HRMD2PDF
136692019-10-16HRMD 2- Disciplinary Action (423, 424,425,588,590,596,994).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
132642019-09-22Joining Letter of Md. Abu Sadek Mia (A-6662), DGM, HRMD2.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
132332019-09-19HRMD 2- 428: Disciplinary Action against K-964.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
130122019-09-04HRMD 2- 586: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
130092019-09-04HRMD 2- 578: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
130072019-09-04HRMD 2- 413: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
130042019-09-04HRMD 2- 429: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
130012019-09-04Joining Letter of Md. Abu Sadek Mia (A-6662) DGM (In charge), HRMD-2.HRMD2PDF
129622019-09-02“Charge Handover & Release of Lutfun Nahar naz (L-229), DGM, Monitoring..” is locked Charge Handover of Lutfun Nahar naz (L-229), DGM, HRMD-2HRMD2PDF
127752019-08-18Office Memorandum of Two Officials for Attending "Technical Analysis Program for Dealers" at India.HRMD2PDF
125062019-07-16HRMD 2- 3735: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
125042019-07-16HRMD 2- 3681: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
125022019-07-16HRMD 2- 3582: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
125002019-07-16HRMD 2- 3475: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
124922019-07-15Office Memorandum of Four Officials for Attending "International Financial Crime Forum 2019" at Malaysia.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
123282019-07-03HRMD 2 -3889: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
123262019-07-03HRMD 2-3877: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
123242019-07-03HRMD 2-3586: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
123222019-07-03HRMD 2-3682: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
123202019-07-03HRMD 2-3803: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
123182019-07-03HRMD 2-3804: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
121672019-06-25Regarding Sending Information of Eligible GM's for Promotion from GM to DMDHRMD2PDF
121132019-06-23HRMD 2- 3427(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
121112019-06-23HRMD 2- 3674(7): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
121092019-06-23HRMD 2- 3477(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
121072019-06-23HRMD 2- 3587(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
121052019-06-23HRMD 2- 3734(6): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
121032019-06-23HRMD 2- 3802(8): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
119772019-06-10HRMD 2- 3550(3): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
119752019-06-10HRMD 2- 3550(2): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
119732019-06-10HRMD 2- 3550(1): Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
119712019-06-10HRMD 2- 3476: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
119692019-06-10HRMD 2- 3675: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
119672019-06-10HRMD 2- 3474: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
119652019-06-10HRMD 2- 3433 & 3434: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
119632019-06-10HRMD 2- 3428: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
119612019-06-10HRMD 2- 3426: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
117072019-05-12Office Memorandum of Md. Abu Mahmud, AGM for Attending Second International ADR Conference in Thailand.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
116872019-05-09HRMD 2- 3415: Disciplinary Action.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
111232019-03-13Transfer order of AGM (2922)HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
110962019-03-13Disciplinary ActionHRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
110682019-03-11PRL Order of Md. Anowar Hossain(A-2955).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
109142019-02-24PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1072),HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
108812019-02-19PRL & Release Order of Md. Solaiman(S-1748), Honorable GM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
108722019-02-19PRL Order 0f Md. Shah Alam Sarkar(S-3514).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
108602019-02-18Passport Approval of Md. Abdus Satter(A-6810), DGM, EED.HRMD2PDF
108572019-02-18PRL Order of S.M. Bashir Uddin(B-195).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
108532019-02-18HRMD 2: 2622(08)- Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD2PDF
108332019-02-17Release Order of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, Honorable GM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
108202019-02-14PRL Order of Md. Afsar Uddin(A-6398).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
108142019-02-13PRL Order of Bishwanath Das(B-512).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
108082019-02-13Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Afruza Jahan (A-7340).HRMD2PDF
108062019-02-13PRL Order of Pradip Kumar Pal (P-78).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
108042019-02-13PRL Order of Md. Tipu Sultan(T-352), DGM, CRM Khulna.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
107902019-02-12PRL Order of Dulal Chandra Ray(D-420).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
107862019-02-12Passport Approval of Md. Farid Hasan (F-708), Senior System Analyst.HRMD2, ICT (Operation)PDF
107842019-02-12Passport Approval of K. M. Nuruddin Sarawar(N-1638), Senior System Analyst.HRMD2, ICT (System)PDF
107672019-02-12PRL Order of Md. Abul Kashem(A-2286).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
107572019-02-11HRMD 2- 2505: Charge of DGM, Credit-2 to Md. Lokman Hossain(L-208).HRMD2PDF
107542019-02-11HRMD 2-2474: Regarding Sending ACR within Scheduled Time.HRMD2PDF
107522019-02-11Charge of DGM, Barishal Divisional Office to Bishwas Md. Ruhul Amin (R-1145).Barishal Division, HRMD2PDF
107502019-02-11HRMD 2- 2496: Transfer Order of SPO.HRMD2PDF
107452019-02-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Rowshon Ara Akhter Mobashera(R-1092).HRMD2PDF
107432019-02-11Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Mosharraf Hossain (M-2937), DGM(PRL).HRMD2PDF
107402019-02-11Passport Approval of Maksuda Begum(M-1284).HRMD2PDF
107282019-02-10Circular Letter No- 01/2019: Regarding Nomination for Public Administration Award-2019.HRMD2PDF
107112019-02-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Arifur Rahman(A-7319).HRMD2PDF
107082019-02-07Regarding Sending Information of Honorable GMs for Promotion on the Post of DMD.HRMD2PDF
107032019-02-06Regarding participating on the viva voce for the post of General ManagerHRMD2PDF
106952019-02-06Passport Approval of Lutfun Nahar Naz (L-229), DGM, ICD.HRMD2PDF
106902019-02-05HRMD 2- 2466(07): Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD2PDF
106812019-02-05HRMD 2-2458: Recruitment of ICT Consultant(Full-time).Career, HRMD2PDF
106772019-02-05Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Khondker Rafiqul Islam (K-894).HRMD2PDF
106632019-02-04Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Md. Aheaul Islam(A-7302).HRMD2PDF
106602019-02-04PRL Order of Md. Mozammel Haque(M-1382).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
106582019-02-04PRL Order of Tapan Kumar Deb(T-227).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
106552019-02-03Passport Approval of Md. Shah Alam(S-3760), AGM, ICT (Systems).HRMD2PDF
106512019-02-03PRL Order of Md. Amez Uddin(A-6517), DGM, CRM, Tangail(North).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
106422019-01-31PRL Order of Md. Amjad Hossain(A-6121).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
106412019-01-31PRL Order of Nikhil Kumar Ghosh(N-1110).HRMD2, Personal Letters
106282019-01-31Passport Approval of Md. Abu Bakkar Siddique(A-7333).HRMD2PDF
106262019-01-31Passport Approval of Rayhana Begum(R-1261).HRMD2PDF
106202019-01-30HRMD 2:2420-Transfer Order-AGM & SPO.HRMD2PDF
106072019-01-30HRMD2- 2403:Charge of DGM, Dhaka Division to Md. Shahid Ullah (S-1380).HRMD2PDF
106052019-01-30Assignment of Additional Charge of Principal(GM), Staff College to Honorable GM Md. Azizul Bari.HRMD2, STAFF COLLEGEPDF
105962019-01-29Assignment of Additional Charge of Audit & Internal Control Division to Honorable GM Md. Shahidul Islam.HRMD2PDF
105942019-01-29PRL Order of Nirmal Kumar Saha(N-1103).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
105892019-01-29Passport Approval of Sikder Touhidul Islam(T-360).HRMD2PDF
105672019-01-28HRMD 2-2379(2): Transfer Order of DGM.HRMD2PDF
105642019-01-28PRL Order of Kamal Uddin (K-335), DGM, Credit-2.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
105572019-01-28Transfer order of DGM (27-01-19).HRMD2PDF
105412019-01-27PRL Order of Mohang Ezharul Haque Bhuiyan(E-327), DGM, LRD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
105312019-01-27PRL Order of Mahmud Ahmed Chowdhury(M-3207).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
105292019-01-27PRL Order of Golam Hossain Mojumder(G-505).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
105242019-01-24Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mahtab Al Rashedi(M-3272), DGM, CRM, Narayangonj.HRMD2PDF
105132019-01-24PRL Order of Bishwanath Das(B-216).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
105102019-01-24PRL Order of M. D. Mofez Ali Hawlader(M-3016).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
105062019-01-23PRL Order of Sunil Kumar Mondol(S-1251).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
104992019-01-22Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Shamal Kanti Chowdhury(S-1618).HRMD2PDF
104962019-01-22Passport Approval of Md. Amzad Hossain(A-6121), AGM, RMD.HRMD2PDF
104942019-01-22Passport Approval of Md. Mozibur Rahman(M-3270), DGM(PRL), Audit-1.HRMD2PDF
104922019-01-22Passport Approval of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM, Audit & Internal Control Division.HRMD2PDF
104852019-01-22Passport Approval of Md. Masum Parvez(M-3571).HRMD2PDF
104752019-01-21PRL Order of Sahab Uddin Bhuiyan(S-939).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
104712019-01-21PRL Order of Md. Shahedul Alam(S-3425).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
104662019-01-20Transfer order of AGM & SPO (2310(05)HRMD2PDF
104592019-01-17Passport Approval of Md. Abu Mahmud(M-3531).HRMD2PDF
104572019-01-17Passport Approval of Md. Joynal Abedin(J-225).HRMD2PDF
104552019-01-17HRMD 2- 2298(11): Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO.HRMD2PDF
104532019-01-17PRL Order of Shankar Chandra Roy(S-1464).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
104312019-01-15Passport Approval of Jharna Rani Das(J-151).HRMD2PDF
104162019-01-15Passport Approval of Bindaban Kumar Bishwas(B-660)HRMD2PDF
104052019-01-15PRL Order of Md. Alauddin(A-6815).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
104032019-01-15PRL Order of Raunak Sad Ferdousi(R-628).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
104012019-01-14HRMD 2- 2251(7): Transfer Order of DGM & AGM.HRMD2PDF
103952019-01-14PRL Order of Masuda Begum(M-946).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
103932019-01-14Joining Letter of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM, Audit & Internal Control Division.HRMD2PDF
103852019-01-13HRMD 2- 2236(02): Transfer Order, DGM.HRMD2PDF
103832019-01-13PRL Order of Arbinda Kumar Sarker(A-6220).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
103792019-01-13PRL Order of Uttam Datta Chowdhury(U-58).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
103772019-01-13HRMD2- 2231:Charge of DGM, Staff College to Muhammad Mazharul Islam (M-3510).HRMD2PDF
103742019-01-13PRL Order of Md. Abdul Jabbar(A-3474).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
103712019-01-13HRMD2- 2221:Additional Charge of DGM, SME to Jafrul Hasan (J-621), DGM,PCD.HRMD2PDF
103542019-01-10Admin Circular No-03/2019: Regarding Gazette for Change of 5 Districts English Names Spelling.HRMD2
103502019-01-10HRMD 2- 2213: Assignment of Additional Charge of DGM, FRMD to Rowshon Ara Akter Mobassera(R-1092), DGM, HRMD 4.HRMD2PDF
103462019-01-09HRMD2-2201(10): Transfer Order AGM, SPO.HRMD2PDF
103412019-01-09PRL Order of Md. Mobarak Hossain(M-1246).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
103392019-01-09PRL Order of Ahsan-Al-Rashid (A-4663), DGM, ITD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
103272019-01-09Passport Approval of Mir Md. Rafi Uddin(R-1258).HRMD2PDF
102962019-01-08PRL Order of Md. Taslim Uddin(T-387), DGM, Cumilla Divison.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
102812019-01-07Charge Handover of Md. Zahir Iqbal to Lutfun Nahar Naz, DGM, HRMD 3.HRMD2PDF
102772019-01-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Moinul Islam(M-3508).HRMD2PDF
102752019-01-07Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Mohammad Ahad Khan(A-7242).HRMD2PDF
102732019-01-07PRL Order of Md. Mozibur Rahman Chowdhury(M-1671), DGM, SME.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
102702019-01-06PRL Order of Badal Krisna Kundu(B-84), DGM, Divisional Office, Barisal.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
102652019-01-06PRL Order of Aporesh Chandra Das (A-3642).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
102502019-01-06HRMD 2: 2142- Transfer order of AGM and SPO(03.01.2019)HRMD2PDF
102402019-01-03Transfer Order of GM & DGM /2141HRMD2PDF
102322019-01-03PRL Order of Ferdous Ara Begum(F-271).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
102122019-01-02Admin Circular No-02/2019- Correction on Article 19(4th Line) of Service(Bank, Insurance, FI's) (Salary Allowances) Order, 2015.HRMD2PDF
102102019-01-02Admin Circular No-01/2019- List of Admin Circulars & Circular Letters Issued by HRMD-2.HRMD2PDF
102082019-01-02PRL Order of Md. Abul Kashem(A-6855).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
102062019-01-02PRL Order of Manoz Kanti Acharjee(M-1445).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101952019-01-02Passport Approval of A. H. M. Mahabubul Alam, AGM, ICT(OP).HRMD2PDF
101912019-01-01PRL Order of Md. Sofi Uddin(S-3304).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101822018-12-31PRL Order of Honorable GM Md. Liakat AliHRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101802018-12-31PRL Order of Honorable GM A.R.M. Salar-E JahanHRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101782018-12-31PRL Order of SPO Kanij Rasul(K-248)HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101762018-12-31Transfer Order of DGM (2096)HRMD2PDF
101732018-12-31PRL & Release Order of Honorable DMD Dr. Md. Liakat Hossain Moral.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101712018-12-31PRL Order of Honorable GM Nani Gopal DattaHRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101692018-12-31PRL Order of SPO Md. Bodi Uzzaman(B-339)HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101502018-12-27Joining Letter of Salara Jahan, GM, Loan Recovery Division.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101352018-12-26PRL Order of Md. Habibur Rahman(H-323).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101242018-12-24HRMD 2-2047: Recruitment of ICT Consultant.Career, HRMD2PDF
101192018-12-24PRL Order of Md. Yunus Ali Akon(Y-81).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101152018-12-24PRL Order of Irin Nasim(I-97).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101132018-12-24PRL Order of Gayanath Karmoker(G-163).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101112018-12-24PRL Order of Nazma Salam(N-1232).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
101092018-12-24HRMD 2: 2041- Transfrer Order of GM.HRMD2PDF
101052018-12-24HRMD 2- 2036: Regarding Assigning Charge of DGM, Sylhet Corporate Branch to Tapati Purkayosto(T-224).HRMD2PDF
100742018-12-20PRL Order of Md. Abdus Sobhan(A-3865).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100722018-12-20PRL Order of Md. Mahbubur Rahman(M-3258), DGM, Procurement.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100692018-12-19PRL Order of Abu Bakar Siddique(A-2314).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100552018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Abul Kalam Bhuiyan(A-6725), DGM,VAD-2.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100532018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Abdul Malek(A-6722), DGM(Reconciliation).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100512018-12-18PRL Order of Suresh Chandra Pal(S-1447).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100492018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Rezauddoula Khan(R-1022).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100472018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1125), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100452018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Nazib-Ud-doula(N-1236), DAO(DGM), Comilla.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100432018-12-18PRL Order of Mohang Ali Ashraf, DAO(DGM), Dhaka.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100412018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Anwarul Islam(A-6101), DAO(DGM), Khulna.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100392018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Ainul Haque(A-3931).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100372018-12-18PRL Order of Md. Anwar Hossain(A-2955).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100272018-12-17PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman(H-319).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100252018-12-17PRL Order of Kazi Omar Faruq(O-31).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100102018-12-13PRL Order of Md. Shahidul Islam (S-3395).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100042018-12-13PRL Order of Syamol Kumar Khan (S-3186), Mohang Golam Sobhan (G-500), Khaleda Khanom(K-688).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
100012018-12-13PRL Order of Tipu Sultan Gazi (T-359).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99992018-12-13PRL Order of Md. Murad Ali (M-1248).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99852018-12-12PRL Order of Ratan Kumar Devnath (R-441).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99702018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Jahangir Hossain(J-576).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99682018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Abdul Halim(A-6816).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99662018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Nuruzzaman Hawlader(N-867).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99642018-12-11PRL Order of Mir Bahauddin Ahmed(B-228).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99622018-12-11PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam(A-6525).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99502018-12-09PRL Order of Md. Mofizul Islam(M-1507).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99442018-12-09PRL Order of Md. Tofayel Ahommod(T-143).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99292018-12-05PRL Order of Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-3213), DGM, BCBD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99272018-12-05PRL Order of Md. Samsuddin(S-1435), DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99232018-12-05PRL Order of Diba Roy(D-155).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99212018-12-05PRL Order of Md. Mofizur Rahman Patwary(M-958).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
99192018-12-05PRL Order of Taslim Uddin (T-165).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98942018-12-03HRMD2-1837 :Assignment of Additional Duty to A.K.M. Amirul Manzur (DGM, Secretariat) as DGM In charge of PRD.HRMD2PDF
98882018-12-03Regarding Sending Job Duration & Seniority List Related Papers of DGM's for Promotion on the Post of GM.HRMD2PDF
98852018-12-02PRL Order of Md. Siddikur Rahman(S-1558).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98642018-11-29PRL Order of Mohammad Alauddin(A-6683).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98602018-11-29PRL Order of Md. Nurul Amin(n-575).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98582018-11-29PRL Order of Md. Taslim Hossain(T-396).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98562018-11-29PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan Jomaddar(S-3114).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98502018-11-29PRL Order of Mohammad Jamal Uddin(J-634), DGM, Divisional Office, Chittagong.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98482018-11-29PRL Order of Ranjit Kumar Mondol(R-356).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98442018-11-28PRL Order of Obayed Ullah(O-44).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98422018-11-28PRL Order of Din Mohammad(D-110).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98402018-11-28PRL Order of MD. Shahidul Islam(S-3254).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98232018-11-27PRL Order of Farida Siddika(F-631), DGM, Dhaka Divisional Office.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98082018-11-26PRL Order of Abdul Qaiyum(A-6568).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
98062018-11-26PRL Order of Md. Mofizur Rahman,DGM, PRD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
97652018-11-22PRL Order of Mohammad Shahadat Hossain Akhon(S-1367).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
97612018-11-22PRL Order of Imtiaz Khan(I-301).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
97452018-11-20PRL Order of Marufa Banu(M-725).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
97432018-11-20PRL Order of Md. Humayun Kabir(H-487).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
97412018-11-20PRL Order of Arun Kanti Talukder(A-2370).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
97342018-11-20HRMD2-1641 :Assignment of Additional Duty to Dinesh Chandra Biswas (DGM, LCD) as DGM In charge of RSD.HRMD2PDF
97242018-11-19PRL Order of A.K.M. Samsul Alam(S-805).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
97222018-11-19PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-1001), DGM, RSD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
96992018-11-15PRL Order of Sheikh Md. Delwar Hossain(D-406).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
96712018-11-15PRL Order of Md. Mosharrof Hossain Talukder(M-3152).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
96632018-11-14PRL Order of Md. Ahidul Haq(A-6352), DGM, DAO, Mymensingh.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
96612018-11-14PRL Order of Azaharul Islam Mia(A-4060), DGM, DAO, Sylhet.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
96592018-11-14PRL Order of Md. Salah Uddin(S-3374), DGM, DAO, Chittagong.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
96452018-11-12Admin Circular No- 15/2018: Regarding Reinstatement of Pension.HRMD2PDF
96432018-11-12Release Order of Shyamal Kanti Chowdhury (S-1618).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
96312018-11-11HRMD-1488 :Assignment of Additional Duty to Md. Azizul Bari(GM, Admin) as GM In charge of LPO.HRMD2PDF
96272018-11-11PRL Order of Engr. Md. Shahidul Islam(S-3515), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
96252018-11-11PRL Order of Nazir Ahmed(N-1270), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
96192018-11-08Transfer Order SPO 1446HRMD2PDF
96102018-11-08PRL Order of Md. Amirul Islam(A-6151).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
96082018-11-08PRL Order of Rakibul Hasan(R-1052).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
95622018-11-06HRMD 2- 1457: Regarding Assigning Charge of AGM to Juwela Khatun(J-233).HRMD2PDF
95502018-11-04PRL Order of Mohammad Abdul Jabbar(A-6057).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
95482018-11-04PRL Order of Mariam Khatun (M-1081).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
95202018-11-01Transfer Order of DGM , AGM & SPODepartment, HRMD2PDF
95132018-11-01PRL Order of Md. Abu Newaz Sarowar Siddiqui(S-3321), DGM, Comilla.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
94832018-10-31PRL Order of Shyamol Kanti Chowdhury (S-1618).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
94552018-10-30PRL Order of Md. Shafiqul Islam (S-1619).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
94412018-10-28PRL Order of Milan Kanti Bishwas (M-3278), DGM, Chittagong Division.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
94192018-10-25HRMD 2 - 1144: Transfer order of AGM, SPO (24-10-18).HRMD2PDF
94162018-10-24Assignment of Additional Duty to Paresh Chandra Sarker & Monir Uddin, DGM.HRMD2
94062018-10-24PRL Order of Ramesh Chandra Baral (R-1036).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
93922018-10-22HRMD 2- 1123: Pay Fixation of Md. Mizanur Rahman(M-1543), DGM.HRMD2PDF
93872018-10-22Recruitment of Legal Adviser (Full-time).Career, HRMD2PDF
93842018-10-22PRL Order of Md. Nuruzzaman, DMD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
93772018-10-21PRL Order of S.M. Mushfiqur Rahman (M-852).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
93632018-10-18PRL Order of Md. Mohiuddin Chowdhury (M-1151).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
93612018-10-18PRL Order of Md. Iskandar Ali Shikder (I-286).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
93412018-10-17PRL Order of Md. Wahid Murad(W-52).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
93322018-10-17HRMD 2- 1078: Humanitarian Help.HRMD2PDF
93242018-10-16HRMD 2-1070: Pay Fixation of DGM.HRMD2PDF
93092018-10-15PRL Order of Ramesh Chandra Halder(R-490).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
93032018-10-15PRL Order of Amirul Hasan(A-5963).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
93012018-10-15PRL Order of Md. Abdur Rashid Akand (A-2698).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
92982018-10-15HRMD 2- 1051: Regarding Assigning Charge of DGM, ICT(Systems) Department.HRMD2, ICT (System)PDF
92882018-10-14PRL Order of Md. Shafiqul Islam(S-995).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
92732018-10-14HRMD 2: 1027- Pay Fixation of DGM.HRMD2PDF
92592018-10-11PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman(H-735).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
92572018-10-11PRL Order of Ajit Kumar Halder(A-6822).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
92552018-10-11HRMD 2: 1018- Charge Handover of DGM, VSD.HRMD2PDF
92522018-10-10HRMD 2:1010- Transfer Order DGM,AGM.HRMD2PDF
92152018-10-09PRL Order of Md. Formuzol Haque (F-853).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
91942018-10-08HRMD 2-966: Transfer Order of AGM, SPO.HRMD2PDF
91862018-10-08PRL Order of Mohammad Farukuzzaman (F-559), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
91842018-10-08HRMD 2-955:Transfer Order of SPO.HRMD2PDF
91822018-10-08PRL Order of Md. Golam Mostafa Khan(G-224), DGM, EED.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
91802018-10-08PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1007), DGM, Credit-2HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
91782018-10-08PRL Order of Mirza Arifuzzaman(A-6104), DGM, RMCD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
91712018-10-07HRMD 2- 937 : Pay Fixation of Newly Promoted DGMs'.HRMD2PDF
91632018-10-07PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam (A-2108).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
91432018-10-03PRL Order of Ranjit Kumar Bhattacharya (R-309).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
91382018-10-03PRL Order of Md. Abdul Hai Bhiyan(A-4262).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
91292018-10-03Relase Order of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharjee, GM, ICT.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
91142018-10-01HRMD 2- 894(2) : Transfer Order AGM & SPO.HRMD2PDF
91062018-09-30HRMD -02- 882(9): Transfer Order- DGM, AGM.HRMD2PDF
90882018-09-27Promotion Order from SPO to AGM (866)HRMD2PDF
90782018-09-27Charge Handover of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharjee, (GM, ICT) to Md. Azizul Bari (GM, Admin).HRMD2PDF
90642018-09-25Recruitment of Legal Adviser (Full-time).Career, HRMD2PDF
90352018-09-23Promotion Order AGM to DGMHRMD2PDF
90262018-09-23HRMD 2: 826- Transfer Order (SPO).HRMD2PDF
90192018-09-20Regarding Nomination for Independence Award- 2019HRMD2PDF
90172018-09-20PRL Order of Md. Nurul Absar (N-541).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
90112018-09-19PRL Order of Sultana Farida Khatun(S-3225), DGM, RMCD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
89962018-09-19HRMD 2 : 789- Regarding Interview for Promotion from the post of AGM to DGM & SPO to AGM .HRMD2PDF
89942018-09-18Hand Over of Responsibilities(786)HRMD2PDF
89922018-09-18Transfer Order of SPO(793)HRMD2PDF
89842018-09-18PRL Order of Md. Shamsul Haque(S-2009).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
89822018-09-18PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-1147).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
89782018-09-18PRL Order of Muhammad Shamsul Islam (S-3417), DGM, Sylhet Division.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
89762018-09-18PRL Order of Md. Bahauddin Khan (B-234).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
89642018-09-18PRL Order of A.S.M. Abdul Ohab Akon (A-2863).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
89502018-09-17PRL Order of Sukomol Saha (S-1192).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
89442018-09-16PRL Order of A.N.K. Nizam Uddin (N-599).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
89422018-09-16HRMD 2: 767-Transfer Order (SPO).HRMD2PDF
89402018-09-16Additional Duty Allotment to Md. Jahir Iqbal, DGM, HRMD-2.HRMD2PDF
89252018-09-13Viva Schedule for Promotion from SPO to AGM.HRMD2PDF
89212018-09-13Viva Schedule for Promotion from AGM to DGM.HRMD2PDF
89062018-09-12Transfer Order of AGM & SPO-742(3)HRMD2PDF
88732018-09-10PRL Order of Tarun Kumar Kundu(T-365).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
88672018-09-10PRL Order of Md. Kamarul Islam (K-247).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
88552018-09-10HRMD 2 : 714(03)- Transfer Order (AGM, SPO).HRMD2PDF
88532018-09-10HRMD 2: 713(02) - Transfer order (AGM)HRMD2PDF
88052018-09-05Human Resource Management Department -2 Order(685)HRMD2PDF
87692018-09-03Regarding Leaving Workplace with Approval of AuthoritiesHRMD2PDF
87452018-08-30PRL Order of Dipon Kumar Dey (D-252).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
87432018-08-30PRL Order of Rais Uddin Ahmed (R-542), DGM, VSD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
87412018-08-30PRL Order of Md. Alamgir Kabir (A-6060), AGM, LPO.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
87392018-08-30PRL Order of Golder Jahatap Uddin (J-553), AGM (CRM, Gopalganj).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
87352018-08-29Assignment of Additional Duty to Honorable GM (Admin) Md. Azizul Bari,HRMD2PDF
87182018-08-28Recruitment of Legal Adviser (Full-time).Career, HRMD2PDF
87142018-08-28PRL Order of Ashish Kumar Chowdhury (A-2744).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
87122018-08-28PRL Order of Md. Motiur Rahman (M-1202).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
87102018-08-28PRL Order of Bikash Chandra Chowdhury(B-143)HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
86872018-08-26Regarding Assigning Additional Charge of DGM TO Bishwas Md. Ruhul Amin (R-1145), AGM, Divisional Office, Barishal.Barishal Division, HRMD2PDF
86852018-08-26Transfer Order- 610(5)HRMD2PDF
86622018-08-20PRL Order of Md. Motiur Rahman(M-2131), AGM, LPO.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
86492018-08-20PRL Order of Md. Mosharrof Hossain (M-2937), DGM, HRMD-3HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
86432018-08-19Joining Letter of Shudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM, Faridpur Division (Additional Duty).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
86302018-08-16PRL Order of Md. Shawkat Ali Khan(S-1628).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
86272018-08-14Admin Circular(11/2018) about salary payment of employees(11th grade to 20th grade)HRMD2PDF
86182018-08-14Joining Letter of Md. Nurul Islam, GM, Dhaka Division.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
86062018-08-13PRL Order of Md. Golam Mortoza (G-455).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
86042018-08-13PRL Order of Md. Kabir Hossain (K-781).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
85822018-08-09Joining Letter of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM, Kustia Division.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
85772018-08-09HRMD -527(2) : Additional Duty to Mr Dilip Kumar Bhattacharaya as GM In charge of LPO.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
85692018-08-09Release Order of Khazamuddin Talukder, GM, ICT.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
85672018-08-09Joining Letter of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharya, GM, ICT Division.HRMD2PDF
85432018-08-07PRL Order of Md. Abdur Rahim (A-3938), DGM, Divisional Office, Dhaka.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
85412018-08-07PRL Order of Md Sagir Ahommod (A-3185), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
85372018-08-07PRL Order of A.T.M. Waliur Rahman(W-58).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
85252018-08-06PRL Order of Mahabubur Rahman (M-1063).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
84982018-08-05HRMD : 457- Additional Duty of DGM.HRMD2PDF
84912018-08-02Transfer Order DGM, AGM, SPO 446(110)HRMD2PDF
84792018-08-02PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-1066), DGM, Divisional Office, Dhaka.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
84772018-08-02PRL Order of K.M.Mahmudul Hasan(M-2052), DGM, Staff College.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
84642018-08-01PRL Order of Mohammad Faridul Alam(F-622).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
84322018-07-31Transfer Order of DGM 423HRMD2PDF
84302018-07-31PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan Mia(S-1384)HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
84262018-07-31PRL Order of Md. Moinul Islam(M-1510).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
84242018-07-31PRL Order of Dijoy Kumar Ray(D-209)HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
84182018-07-30HRMD 2 - 400(5): Transfer Order AGM, SPO.HRMD2PDF
84152018-07-30Joining Letter of Sudhangshu Kumar Halder, GM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
84132018-07-30Joining Letter of Mir Mofazzol Hossain, GM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
84092018-07-30HRMD 2-401(4): Transfer Order of GM.HRMD2PDF
84002018-07-29PRL Order of Md. Masukur Rahman(M-1208).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
83912018-07-26PRL Order of Biren Das(B-586),HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
83782018-07-26PRL Order of Md. Jahangir Hossain(J-556).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
83762018-07-26PRL Order of Md. Mozibur Rahman(M-3270), DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
83652018-07-25PRL Order of Md. Abul Bashar(A-6028).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
83082018-07-23PRL Order of Arun Kumar Das, DGM.HRMD2, Personal Letters, STAFF COLLEGEPDF
83062018-07-23PRL Order of Laxmi Narayan Nath (L-206).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
82982018-07-22Admin Circular-06/2018 : Regarding Withhold of Advance Installment Deduction in July 2018 Due to Upcoming Eid-Ul-AdhaHRMD2PDF
82962018-07-22HRMD 2 : 288- Employee Related Declaration.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
82942018-07-22HRMD 2: 290(27)- Transfer Order DGM, AGM, SPO.HRMD2PDF
82802018-07-22PRL Order of Md, Rezaul Karim (R-351).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
82682018-07-19About Implementing Transfer OrderHRMD2PDF
82362018-07-17Transfer Order of DGM 235(2)HRMD2PDF
82322018-07-17HRMD2-234: Charge Handover of GM.HRMD2PDF
82302018-07-17PRL Order of Khayrunnesa Ahmed (K-354).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
82022018-07-16HRMD 2: 149(11)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
82002018-07-16HRMD 2: 212(21)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81962018-07-16HRMD 2: 192(22)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81942018-07-16PRL Order of Ranjit Kumar Roy (R-1135), DGM, Reconciliation Department.HRMD2, Personal Letters, RECONCILIATIONPDF
81842018-07-15HRMD 2- 194- Increment of DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81782018-07-15HRMD 2: 45(33)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81762018-07-15HRMD 2: 118(28)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81742018-07-15HRMD 2: 73(16)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81722018-07-15HRMD 2: 82(13)- Increment of AGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81622018-07-15HRMD 2: 178- Regarding Sending ACR.HRMD2PDF
81602018-07-15HRMD 2: 175- Increment of DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81582018-07-15HRMD2 : 186- Increment of DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81562018-07-15HRMD2 : 187- Increment of DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81422018-07-12Transfer Order of SPO & Responsibility Handover of CRM, ShariatpurHRMD2PDF
81152018-07-11HRMD: 2 :76- Increment of DGM- 05/07/18HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81092018-07-11HRMD:3: 46(8) - Punishment Order.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
81012018-07-11HRMD:3: 21(6) - Punishment Order.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
80852018-07-11PRL Order of Mahbubur Rahman Khan (M-3102), DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
80662018-07-10HRMD 2 : 109 - Increment of DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
80372018-07-09PRL Order of Niranjan Kumar Sarker(N-884).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
80192018-07-05HRMD-2-77(6): Transfer Order.HRMD2PDF
80112018-07-05PRL Order of Md. Zakir Hossain Bhuiyan(Z-114).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
79642018-07-02HRMD-2: 29(6) -Transfer OrderHRMD2PDF
79342018-07-01Joining Letter of Parvin Akter,GM, Comilla Division.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
79292018-07-01PRL Order of Nitai Chandra Roy, GM(Principal), Staff College.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
79232018-06-28Transfer Order of DGM, AGM (28-06-18)HRMD2PDF
79182018-06-28Regarding Additional Charge as Principal (General Manager) of Staff college.HRMD2PDF
79022018-06-28HRMD2-4728: About Staying in own workplace during 29 & 30 June and 1st July,2018 for fulfilling Annual Closing works.HRMD2PDF
78992018-06-27Release Order of Md. Jamal Uddin(J-341), GM(PRL).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
78572018-06-26Joining Letter of Md. Nurul Islam, GM, Faridpur Division.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
78552018-06-264698- Pay Fixation of DGM.HRMD2PDF
78462018-06-25PRL Order A.H.M. Golam Kibria Khan(G-533).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
78442018-06-25PRL Order of A Sottar Bishwas (A-6273).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
78422018-06-25PRL Order of Md. Firoz Khan (F-581).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
77772018-06-24Release Order of Dulal Chandra Debnath (D-416).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
77722018-06-24Admin Circular No: 10/2018- Regarding Providing Ex-Gratia to the Employees for the Fiscal Year 2016-2017.HRMD2PDF
77602018-06-21Joining Letter of Md. Liakat Ali (L-124), GM, LPO.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
77532018-06-20Joining Letter of Md. Daud Khan Mahfuz (D-222), DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
77322018-06-19PRL Order of Bijoy Krishna Debnath (B-603), DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
77222018-06-18Transfer Order-4522, 18-06-18.HRMD2PDF
77142018-06-14Joining Letter of Mohammad Fakhrul Alam, DMD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
77092018-06-14Transfer Order-4499(3)- 14.06.18HRMD2PDF
77072018-06-14Transfer Order-4500(7)- 14.06.18HRMD2PDF
76962018-06-12PRL Order of Md. Daud Khan Mahfuz (D-222), DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
76902018-06-12Transfer Order-4480 (12.06.2018).HRMD2PDF
76882018-06-12PRL Cancellation Order of Md. Ismail Mia (I-157).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
76722018-06-12Release Order of Md. Fazlul Haque, DMD.HRMD2PDF
76692018-06-11Transfer order of AGMHRMD2PDF
76642018-06-11PRL Order of md. Mojammel Haque (M-1201).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
76622018-06-11PRL Order of Sanjit Kumar Chakroborty (S-1304).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
76602018-06-11Admin Circular No:09/2018- Transfer Policy-2018.HRMD2, Policy & GuidelinePDF
76552018-06-11PRL Order of AFM Dabir Uddin Chowdhury (D-443), DGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
76522018-06-10Admin Circular: 08/2018- Regarding Increasing Night Duty Bill of Security Guard.HRMD2PDF
76502018-06-10Admin Circular No:07/2018-Regarding Increasing Reward Money for Banking Diploma Passed Employees.HRMD2PDF
76482018-06-10HRMD-2/4409, 07/06/2018.HRMD2, VAD2PDF
76452018-06-07Humanitarian Help- 6094.HRMD2PDF
76402018-06-07PRL Order of Abul Basar Mohammad Abdul Sabur (A-6347).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
76332018-06-06HRMD 2 - 4401HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
76152018-06-04PRL Order of Md. Zahir Raihan(Z-130).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
75792018-05-31Transfer Order 4269(14).HRMD2PDF
75742018-05-31Regarding ACR Evaluation on the Basis of Target Achievement.HRMD2PDF
75562018-05-30PRL Order of Md. Abdullah (A-2993).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
75512018-05-30PRL Order of Chitra Sarker (C-13).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
75492018-05-30Regarding Increasing Festival Bonus of 100% pension surrendering Stuffs on 5% rate.HRMD2PDF
75482018-05-30Joining Letter of Md. Jahir Raihan, GM.HRMD2, Personal Letters
75362018-05-29PRL Order of Ibrahim Khalil(I-283).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
75342018-05-29PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan Kabir (S-3380).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
75302018-05-29PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam (R-316).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
75262018-05-29PRL Order of Mohammad Ali (M-1041).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
75222018-05-29PRL Order of Tarun Kanti Das(T-88).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
75032018-05-27Transfer Order 4215(2)HRMD2PDF
74672018-05-23Transfer Order 4165(6) of DGM, AGM & SPOHRMD2PDF
74512018-05-23PRL Order of Nepal Chandra Bhowmick (N-1313).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
74432018-05-23Admin Circular-04/2018 : Regarding Withhold of Advance Installment Deduction in May 2018 Due to Upcoming Eid-Ul-Fitre..HRMD2PDF
74162018-05-21Joining Letter of Mr. Md. Abdul Halim(A-3463) As General Manager.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
74022018-05-20Revised Transfer Order of DGM Md. Daud Khan Mahfuz.HRMD2PDF
73982018-05-20PRL Order of Kazi Jasim Uddin(J-256).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
73872018-05-17PRL Order of Scholastica Gomej(S-854).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
73852018-05-17PRL Order of Dulal Chandra Debnath(D-416) ,AGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
73652018-05-15HRMD-2 (4062)HRMD2PDF
73632018-05-15Transfer Order HRMD-2HRMD2PDF
73542018-05-15PRL Order of K. M. Zakaria(Freedom Fighter)(Z-364),AGM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
73362018-05-13Joining Letter of Md. Azizul Bari, General Manager, Administration Division.HRMD2PDF
73342018-05-13Transfer Order of Md. Abdul Halim, General Manager.HRMD2PDF
73322018-05-13Joining Letter of Md. Abdul Halim, General Manager.HRMD2PDF
73282018-05-13PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam(A-6115).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
73122018-05-10PRL Order of Abdur Rahman(A-6590).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
73102018-05-10PRL Order of Md. Abdul Malek(A-2316).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
73002018-05-09PRL order of Dipok Kumar Shaha (D-440).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
72792018-05-07Transfer order of AGM 3951(5)HRMD2PDF
72772018-05-07Transfer order of AGM 3950(2)HRMD2PDF
72722018-05-06Joining letter of Md. Shahidul Islam(S-1485) as General Manager.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
72652018-05-03Hrmd2-3895: Joining Letter of Md. Afzal Karim, Deputy Managing Director (30-04-18).HRMD2PDF
72582018-05-03Hrmd2-3894: Joining Letter of Dr. Md. Liakat Hossain Moral, Deputy Managing Director (30-04-18).HRMD2PDF
72522018-05-03HRMD2/3896: Transfer Order of General Manager (30-04-18).HRMD2PDF
72482018-04-30PRL order of Mr. Sheikh Motiar Rahman(M-1468).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
72462018-04-30Release Letter of Mr. Thakur Das Kundu(T-203),GM.HRMD2PDF
72422018-04-30Letter no-3882: Additional Charge for Project Monitoring Department.HRMD2PDF
72392018-04-26Transfer Order 3879HRMD2PDF
71612018-04-23PRL Order of Mohammad Abdul Kuddus(A-6678).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
71592018-04-23PRL Order of Md. Mofijul Islam(M-3209).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
71312018-04-19Transfer Order OF DGM &AGM(3756)HRMD2PDF
71162018-04-19PRL Order of Kazi Ashkar Hossain(A-6059).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
70912018-04-18PRL Order of Bilkis Ahsan(B-314)HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
70632018-04-16PRL Order of Md. Nurul Islam(N-1227).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
70442018-04-15PRL order of A.T.M Rafiqul Islam(R-1069)HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
70132018-04-10PRL Order of Md. Zakaria (Z-372).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
69972018-04-10PRL Order of Zokiuddin Ahmed (Z-67).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
69952018-04-10Transfer Order DGM, AGM, SPO- 3579.HRMD2PDF
69882018-04-09PRL Order of Md. Anowarul Islam (A-6658).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
69862018-04-09PRL Order of Md. Nur Islam (N-826).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
69842018-04-09PRL Order of Md. Abdul Motaleb Khan (M-1582).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
69682018-04-08PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan (S-3194).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
69202018-04-04PRL Order of Ananta Prasad Bhowmick (A-6467), DGM, Divisional Office, Kushtia.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
69182018-04-04PRL Order of Nahid Ara Jafry(N-1168), DGM, PCD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
69162018-04-04PRL Order of Shekh Khalekuzzaman (K-406), DGM, LPO.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
69032018-04-03PRL Order of Khan Nasir Uddin (N-1102).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
68862018-04-02PRL Order of Md. Munirul Haque (M-3210).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
68652018-04-01Admin Circular : 04/2018-Regarding Correction/Simplification of House Building Loan Advance Rules.HRMD2, Policy & GuidelinePDF
68412018-03-29Regarding Sending Transfer ApplicationHRMD2PDF
68282018-03-28Transfer Order- AGM, SPO (3380).HRMD2PDF
68182018-03-27Pay Fixation of Promoted DGM-3367HRMD2PDF
68152018-03-27Joining Letter of Md. Khazmuddin Talukder, GM, ICT Department.HRMD2, Personal Letters
68112018-03-27PRL Order of Abdur Rahman Mamun, GM, ICT Department.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
67992018-03-25PRL Order Of Md. Moniruzzaman,DGM(M-3140)HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
67972018-03-25PRL Order Of Md. Fazlur Rahman, DGM(F-632)HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
67712018-03-21Pay Fixation of promoted DGM-3304HRMD2PDF
67692018-03-21PRL Order of Md Ismail Mia (I-157).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
67662018-03-21Circular Letter No-03/2018 :Regarding Attesting, Signing of Specific Authority on the Application/ Declaration Letter for the Approval of Final Settlement/ Grant from WF/PF & Pension.HRMD2PDF
67642018-03-21Joining Letter of Md. Shahidul Islam, GM, LRD.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
67542018-03-20PRL Order of Md. Khademul Islam (K-791).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
67442018-03-20Transfer Order AGM, SPO-3275.HRMD2PDF
67422018-03-19PRL Order Provas Kumar Mazumder (P-134).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
67402018-03-19Transsfer Order DGM- 3257(2).HRMD2PDF
67162018-03-18Joining Letter of Md. Ataur Rahman Prodhan, GM, Divisional Office, Khulna.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
67152018-03-18Joining Letter of Md. Nurul Islam, GM Divisional Office, KushtiaHRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
67132018-03-18Joining Letter of A R M Salar E Jahan, GM, Chittagong.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
67072018-03-18Explanation Call of DGM A H M Golam Kibria Khan, Manager of BKB Banani Corporate BranchHRMD2PDF
66742018-03-13Joining Letter of Farida Parvin, GMHRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
66672018-03-12Transfer Order of DGMHRMD2PDF
66582018-03-12Joining Letter of Md. Ataur Rahman Prodhan, GM.HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
66392018-03-12PRL Order Kazi Nazrul Islam (N-828)HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
66372018-03-12PRL Order Md. Shahjahan (S-701)HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
66352018-03-12PRL Order of Ashok Kumar Saha (A-3469).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
66332018-03-12HRMD-2: Office Order-3192HRMD2PDF
66282018-03-11Transfer and posting order of General Manger.HRMD2PDF
66242018-03-11PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman (H-330).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
66222018-03-11Fixation of DGM- 3154.HRMD2PDF
66122018-03-08Transfer Order PD2 3151HRMD2PDF
65982018-03-07PRL Order of Md. Nasir Uddin Khan (N-679).HRMD2, Personal LettersPDF
65912018-03-06Posting Order of GMHRMD2PDF
65892018-03-06Transfer Order of GMHRMD2PDF
65812018-03-06Joining Letter of Parvin Akter, GM.HRMD2PDF
65642018-03-05Transfer Order of DGM, AGM-05/03/2018HRMD2PDF
65612018-03-05Promotion Order from AGM to DGM -05/03/2018.HRMD2PDF
65552018-03-05Joining Letter of A R M Salar E Jahan,GM.HRMD2PDF
65212018-03-01PRL Order Of Md. Delowar Hossain (D-421).HRMD2PDF
65182018-03-01PRL Order of Md. Habib Ullah (H-462), GM, Loan Recovery Division.HRMD2PDF
65112018-02-28PRL Order of Anowara Begum (A-6858).HRMD2PDF
64952018-02-27Transfer Order - 2966.HRMD2PDF
64762018-02-26Circular Letter No: 02/2018 - Regarding Maintaining Secrecy of Information.HRMD2PDF
64582018-02-25PRL Order of Md. Kamal Beg (K-794).HRMD2PDF
64332018-02-19Joining Letter of Md. Azizul Bari, GM, Mymensingh Division.HRMD2PDF
64312018-02-19Joining Letter of Nani Gopal Datta, GM, Audit & Internal Control Division.HRMD2PDF
63762018-02-18PRL Order of Ranjan Kumar Saha (R-1159), Md. Abdul Haque Bhuiyan (A-4105), Nazmul Alam (N-720), DGM.HRMD2PDF
63722018-02-18Transfer Order of AGM (15-02-2018).HRMD2PDF
63682018-02-15Joining Letter of Nitai Chandra Roy GM, BKB Staff CollegeHRMD2PDF
63642018-02-15Joining Letter of Dilip Kumar Bhattacharya, GM, Sylhet Division.HRMD2PDF
63592018-02-15Joining Letter of Md. Shahidul Islam, GM, Chittagong DivisionHRMD2PDF
63502018-02-15PRL Order of Md. Nazrul Islam (N-272).HRMD2PDF
63462018-02-15PRL Order of Mohammad Helal Uddin, MD.HRMD2PDF
63412018-02-14Transfer Order, AGM (14-02-18).HRMD2PDF
63382018-02-14PRL Order of Md. Joynul Abedin (J-567).HRMD2PDF
63362018-02-14PRL Order of Sirajul Haque (S-1514).HRMD2PDF
63342018-02-14PRL Order of Shafiqul Alam (S-680).HRMD2PDF
63072018-02-13Transfer Order Of DGM (13-02-18)HRMD2PDF
63012018-02-13Transfer Order DGM, AGM & SPO (13-02-2018)HRMD2PDF
62782018-02-13PRL Order of A F S Enamul Haque (E-303).HRMD2PDF
62722018-02-12Joining Letter of Shekh Mahmud Kamal, GM.HRMD2PDF
62502018-02-11PRL Order of Md. Mezbah Uddin(M-3269).HRMD2PDF
62482018-02-11PRL Order of Md. Ashraf Ali Bishawas (A-2905).HRMD2PDF
62462018-02-11PRL Order of Md. Mosharrof Hossain (M-1943).HRMD2PDF
62252018-02-08Joining Letter of Abdur Rahman Mamun (A-3467), GM, ICT Department.HRMD2PDF
62152018-02-08Release Order of Md. Rokibur Rahman Khandaker, GM.HRMD2PDF
62132018-02-07Transfer order from PD-02HRMD2PDF
62022018-02-07Joining Letter of Md. Azizul Bari(A-4069), Md. Liakot ALi (L-124), Md. Solaiman(S-1748), Dilip Kumar Bhattacharya, GM.HRMD2PDF
62002018-02-06Transfer order of DGM, AGM & SPOHRMD2PDF
61982018-02-06Promotion Order from AGM to DGM (06-02-2018).HRMD2PDF
61962018-02-06Transfer Order of GM.HRMD2PDF
61932018-02-06Administrative Work InstructionsHRMD2PDF
61902018-02-06Joining Letter of Md. Shahidul Islam (S-1485), GMHRMD2PDF
61882018-02-06Joining Letter of Nitai Chondro Ray (N-820), GMHRMD2PDF
61862018-02-06Joining Letter of Abdur Rahman Mamun (A-3467), GMHRMD2PDF
61832018-02-06PRL Order of Md. Shahidul Islam(S-1357)HRMD2PDF
61812018-02-06PRL Order of Nur Jahan Begum (N-1166)HRMD2PDF
61702018-02-06PRL Order of Jannatul Baki(J-224)HRMD2PDF
61642018-02-05PRL Order of Tapan Kumar Bhoumick (T-388), DGMHRMD2PDF
61522018-02-05Release Order of Md. Mahtab Uddin, DGM & Md. Zahir Raihan, DGM.HRMD2PDF
61322018-02-04HRMD-2/DGM/2017-18/2551: Fixation from AGM to DGM (25-01-2018).HRMD2PDF
61232018-02-01Joining Letter of Md. Fazlul Haque, DMD.HRMD2PDF
61112018-01-31PRL order of Quareshi Mahmud Hasan (Q-29), GMHRMD2PDF
61062018-01-31PRL order of Md. Ruhul Amin (R-1129)HRMD2PDF
61042018-01-31PRL order of K M Rokibul Islam (R-1027)HRMD2PDF
60862018-01-30Regarding Nomination for Public Administration Award-2018HRMD2PDF
60722018-01-29Transfer order of AGM, SPO (29-01-18).HRMD2PDF
60692018-01-29PRL Order of Md. Zakir Hossain (Z-162).HRMD2PDF
60672018-01-29PRL Order of Abu Noman Mohammad Abdul Motin (A-6599).HRMD2PDF
60472018-01-29PRL Order of Md. Moshiul Azam, DGM, Kushtia Division (M-3304).HRMD2PDF
60312018-01-28PRL order of Abul Azad Kalam, DGM (A-3869).HRMD2PDF
60162018-01-25PRL order of Rohini Kumar Paul, General Manager (R-502).HRMD2PDF
60042018-01-23Transfer order of DGM, AGM & SPOHRMD2PDF
60022018-01-23PRL Order of Mrinal Kanti De (M-1002).HRMD2PDF
59942018-01-23PRL order of Molla Habibur Rahman (H-717)HRMD2PDF
59912018-01-23PRL order of Jagadish Chandra Howladar(J-273)HRMD2PDF
59892018-01-23PRL order of Md. Almas Ali (A-2178)HRMD2PDF
59842018-01-22Transfer Order of GM, Barisal (22-01-2018).HRMD2PDF
59812018-01-22Promotion order from AGM to DGM (22-01-2018).HRMD2PDF
59662018-01-22PRL Order of Md. Abdul Mazid(A-6834)HRMD2PDF
59582018-01-22PRL order of Dilip Kumar Kundu (D-407)HRMD2PDF
59552018-01-22PRL order of Md. Nurul Amin (N-457)HRMD2PDF
59542018-01-22PRL order of Md. Shafiqul Islam (S-3179)HRMD2PDF
59502018-01-21Transfer Order of DGM, AGM, SPO (21-01-2018).HRMD2PDF
59232018-01-18PRL order of Mohammad Ali (M-3266), SPO.HRMD2PDF
58622018-01-17Release Order of Mahtab Zabin, DMDHRMD2PDF
57812018-01-15Admin Circular : 02/2018- List of Notice & Circular issued by AdmininstrationHRMD2PDF
57742018-01-14Transfer order of AGM & SPO (14-01-2018).HRMD2PDF
57722018-01-14PRL order of Md. Anwar Hossain (A-6169)HRMD2PDF
57142018-01-09PRL order of Somesh Kumar Debnath (S-1795)HRMD2PDF
57042018-01-09PRL Order of Dhirendra Nath Roy (D-423).HRMD2PDF
57002018-01-08Transfer Order of AGM (08-01-2018).HRMD2PDF
56942018-01-08Promotion Order from AGM to DGM (08-01-2018).HRMD2PDF
56832018-01-08GM Viva Schedule (08-01-2018).HRMD2PDF
56372018-01-04Transfer order of DGM, AGM & SPO (04-01-2018).HRMD2PDF
55942018-01-03Joining Letter of Md. Khazamuddin Talukdar, GM, Divisional Office, Khulna.HRMD2PDF
55482018-01-02PRL Order of Amit Kumar Guha (A-6131).HRMD2, UncategorizedPDF
55462018-01-02PRL Order of Md. Ataur Rahman (A-4360).HRMD2PDF
55442018-01-02PRL Order of Md. Akkas Ali Patowari (A-2024).HRMD2PDF
55272018-01-01Admin Circular-21/2017: Redistribution of different Division and LPO.HRMD2PDF
55242018-01-01PRL Order of Md. Zahidul Islam (Z-378).HRMD2PDF
55162018-01-01PRL Order of Shikha Rani Pal (S-699).HRMD2PDF
55142018-01-01Promotion Order from SPO to AGM (01-01-2018).HRMD2PDF
55112018-01-01Promotion Order from AGM to DGM (01-01-2018).HRMD2PDF
55012018-01-01PRL Order of Mr. Mohammad Ismail Hossain, Managing Director.HRMD2PDF
54702017-12-31PRL Order of Mr. Tazrina Ferdausi, DMD.HRMD2PDF
54682017-12-31PRL Order of Mr. Quamrun Nahar, GM, ICT Division.HRMD2PDF
54662017-12-31Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (28-12-2017).HRMD2PDF
54642017-12-31Promotion order from AGM to DGM (31-12-2017).HRMD2PDF
54622017-12-31Promotion Order from SPO to AGM (31-12-2017).HRMD2PDF
54582017-12-31Prl Order of Md. Syeduzzaman (S-1848).HRMD2PDF
54562017-12-31Joining Letter of Md. Afzal Karim, GM, Administration Division.HRMD2PDF
54532017-12-31Prl Order of Sagufta Tasnim (S-1772), Md. Shamsul Haque (S-3411), DGM.HRMD2PDF
54392017-12-28Promotion Order of Senior System Analyst (28-12-2017).HRMD2PDF
54342017-12-28Promotion Order from SPO to AGM (28-12-2017).HRMD2PDF
54092017-12-26Transfer Order 2235(3) (26-12-2017)HRMD2PDF
54072017-12-26Transfer Order (26-12-2017)HRMD2PDF
53952017-12-24Viva Schedule for promotion from SPO to AGM (24-12-2017).HRMD2PDF
53912017-12-23AGM to DGM promotion order - 2017.HRMD2PDF
53822017-12-21Revised Viva Schedule for promotion from AGM to DGM (21-12-2017).HRMD2PDF
53532017-12-20PRL Order of Md. Lutful Kabir (L-201).HRMD2PDF
53382017-12-20PRL Order of Biswas Ranjan Ali (R-1014), Sheikh Ismail Hossain (I-74), Md. Abdur Rahman Mia (A-4218), Md. Motaharul Islam (M-3009), Md. Jashim Uddin (J-637), Md. Bashir Ahmed (B-581).HRMD2PDF
53192017-12-18Transfer Order (18.12.2017)HRMD2PDF
53082017-12-17Transfer Order of Mr. Md. Khazamuddin Talukdar, GM (17-12-2017).HRMD2PDF
53062017-12-17Transfer Order (17-12-2017).HRMD2PDF
52412017-12-11HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/2126: Regarding Transfer Order, Financial & Administrative Power.HRMD2PDF
52242017-12-10Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (10-12-2017).HRMD2PDF
51962017-12-05PRL Order of Md. Abul Kalam Azad (A-6204), Nikungo Bihari Sheel (N-1295), Md. Jalal Uddin Khandoker (J-665).HRMD2PDF
51942017-12-05PRL Order of Mohang Borhan Uddin (B-582), Mahbuba Aktery Khanom (M-3011). .HRMD2PDF
51922017-12-05Transfer Order of DGM, SPO (05-12-2017).HRMD2PDF
51482017-11-30HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/2034: Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of Research & Statistics Department.HRMD2PDF
51462017-11-30Transfer Order of Mohammad Ahad Khan (A-7242), SPO.HRMD2PDF
51442017-11-30PRL Order of Shyamol Kumar Biswas (S-3058).HRMD2PDF
51372017-11-30PRL Order of Chakra Pani De (C-45),Tushar Kanti Sarkar (T-362).HRMD2PDF
51352017-11-29HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/2017: Regarding Additional Charge of FRMD, HRMD-1 & Divisional Office, Kushtia.HRMD2PDF
51122017-11-28PRL Order of M.A. Kaiyum (A-2154).HRMD2PDF
50972017-11-26PRL Order of Md. Mozammel Haque (M-3208).HRMD2PDF
50902017-11-26PRL Order of Md. Rais Uddin (R-1058), Md. Aminul Islam Akondo(A-2878).HRMD2PDF
50862017-11-26এইচআরএমডি-২/৩৭(১)(২২)/২০১৭-১৮/১৯৬৬ঃ অগ্নিকান্ড থেকে সুরক্ষা প্রসঙ্গে।HRMD2PDF
50812017-11-23Regarding PRL of Mr. Mohammad Awal Khan (A-2909), Managing Director.HRMD2
50742017-11-23PRL Order of S M Abul Kalam Azad (A-6216) & Md. Harunur Rashid (H-738).HRMD2
50702017-11-23Admin Circular-20/2017: Regarding 2(two) Bonus for 100% Pensioner.HRMD2PDF
50622017-11-22PRL Order of Subir Ranjan Das (S-1806).HRMD2PDF
50542017-11-21PRL Order of Md. Shamsur Rahman, GM, BKB, HO, Dhaka.HRMD2PDF
50522017-11-21HRMD-2/37(2)(28)/2017-18/1925: Regarding Half-Yearly target Achievement.HRMD2PDF
50502017-11-21Transfer Order of DGM, AGM ,SPO (21-11-2017).HRMD2PDF
50372017-11-20PRL Order of Gourchand Das (G-496).HRMD2PDF
50282017-11-20Circular No- 06/2017: Regarding Transfer Order implementation.HRMD2PDF
50262017-11-20HRMD-2/75(2)(40)/2017-18/1898: Regarding House Building Loan Mortgage.HRMD2PDF
50192017-11-19PRL Order of Md. Mahtabur Rahman (M-3287), Mrinal Kanti Mitra (M-1765).HRMD2PDF
50162017-11-16PRL Order of Md. Abul Kashem (A-4156).HRMD2PDF
50122017-11-16PRL Order of Mostak Ahmed Chowdhury (M-1181).HRMD2PDF
50002017-11-16PRL Order of Mir Md. Reza-ul-Karim (R-1083), Md. Awlad Hossain (A-1569).HRMD2PDF
49662017-11-13HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/1822: Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of Barisal Divisional Office.HRMD2PDF
49592017-11-13PRL Order of Md. Ferdaus (F-263), Md. Jahangir Alam Talukder (J-368).HRMD2PDF
49512017-11-12PRL Order of Md. Monoarul Islam (M-1337), Sankar Kumar Roy (S-1509), Amol Krisno Ghosh (A-6075).HRMD2PDF
49332017-11-12Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (09-11-2017).HRMD2PDF
49312017-11-12PRL Order of Md. Abdus Salam Khan (A-6295).HRMD2PDF
49262017-11-09PRL Order of K. M. Yakub Ali (Y-176), Md. Ataur Rahman (A-6450).HRMD2PDF
49242017-11-09PRL Order of Mahbuba Khanom (M-1426), Md. Shahjahan (S-2164), Md. Abdullah Sabbir (A-2879), S M A Khalek (K-343), DGM.HRMD2PDF
49132017-11-08Transfer Order of Protap Kumar Biswas, SPO.HRMD2PDF
49112017-11-08Transfer Order of Mohammad Nazrul Islam Hawlader, SPO.HRMD2PDF
49092017-11-08HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/1771: Regarding Divisional Charge of Human Resource Management Department-1.HRMD2PDF
49022017-11-08Transfer Order of AGM, Chittagong (07-11-2017).HRMD2PDF
49002017-11-07PRL Order of Mohammad mohiuddin Azad (M-3197), Md. Taslim Chowdhury (T-135), Kazi Mohammad Mostafa (M-751), Dilip Krisno Mandal (D-480), Md. Jahangir Alam (J-631), Md. Osman Goni (O-39), Subodh Ranjan Acharya (S-1230), Md. Modassir Rahman (M-970).HRMD2PDF
48852017-11-06PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan Siraj (S-1350).HRMD2PDF
48832017-11-06PRL Order of Md. Moniruzzaman (M-2970).HRMD2PDF
48702017-11-05PRL Order of Md. Ismail (I-191), Ahmed Kabir (A-4591), Md. Abu Hanifa (A-4028), Uttom Kumar Kundu (U-18), Md. Kamrul Ahsan (K-684), DGM. .HRMD2PDF
48652017-11-02HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/1715: Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of Loan Recovery Department.HRMD2PDF
48382017-10-30PRL Order of Samir Kumar Saha (S-3236).HRMD2PDF
48332017-10-30Transfer Order of DGM (29-10-2017).HRMD2PDF
48312017-10-29PRL Order of Md. Abdul Karim (A-4057), Bhobesh Mukherjee (B-304), Ajoy Kumar Saha (A-3234).HRMD2PDF
48262017-10-26PRL Order of Dilip Chandra Das (D-242).HRMD2PDF
48242017-10-26স্বাধীনতা পুরষ্কার-২০১৮ এর মনোনয়ন প্রস্তাব প্রেরণ প্রসঙ্গে।HRMD2PDF
48072017-10-26PRL Order of Abu Yusuf (A-1781)HRMD2PDF
48012017-10-26Transfer Order of SPO (26-10-2017).HRMD2PDF
47992017-10-26PRL Order of Shekh Redowan Ali (R-275).HRMD2PDF
47942017-10-25PRL Order of Ashutosh Chakma (A-6669).HRMD2PDF
47922017-10-25PRL Order of Bashir Ahmed Khan (B-593).HRMD2PDF
47762017-10-24Transfer Order of Md. Emtiaz Ali (E-148), DGM (24-10-2017).HRMD2PDF
47662017-10-24সার্কুলার নং-০৪/২০১৭: রোহিঙ্গা শরনার্থিদের আর্থিক সহায়তা প্রদানের লক্ষ্যে ১(এক) দিনের বেতন প্রদান প্রসঙ্গে।HRMD2PDF
47512017-10-23PRL Order of Md. Abdul Alim (A-6074), Md. Azhar Ali Bhuiyan (A-6449), Syed Monowar Hasan (M-3110).HRMD2PDF
47432017-10-23PRL Order of Nirmol Chandra Chowdhury (N-707).HRMD2PDF
47252017-10-19PRL Order of Md. Abdus Sabur Mia (A-6479), Kazi Masudul Haque (M-3022), Abdul Malek (A-2448).HRMD2PDF
47132017-10-19Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO (18-10-2017).HRMD2PDF
47102017-10-19PRL Order of Md. Alamgir Islam (A-6649), Md. Rabiul Alam (R-545), DGM.HRMD2PDF
46882017-10-17PRL Order of Pranab Ranjon Bosu (P-145), Md. Abdul Wadud (A-6809), AGM.HRMD2PDF
46732017-10-16PRL Order of Abdus Samad (A-2250), Munshiganj.HRMD2PDF
46712017-10-16Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (16-10-2017).HRMD2PDF
46612017-10-16Circular No-03/2017: Regarding Half-Yearly Business target achievement & maintain discipline.HRMD2PDF
46312017-10-10PRL order of A M M Kaiser Ahmed Manik (K-692).HRMD2PDF
46242017-10-10HRMD-2/3(1)/2017-18/1430: Regarding additional Charge of Manpower Planning & Development Department.HRMD2PDF
46102017-10-09PRL Order of Md. Emtiaz Ali (E-148), DGM.HRMD2PDF
46012017-10-09প্রশাসন পরিপত্র নং-১৯/২০১৭: শতভাগ পেনশন সমর্পনকারী অবসরপ্রাপ্ত কর্মচারীর মৃত্যুর পর তার বিধবা স্ত্রী/বিপত্নীক স্বামী ও প্রতিবন্ধী সন্তানের চিকিৎসা ভাতা ও উৎসব প্রাপ্যতা প্রসংগে।HRMD2PDF
45982017-10-08Transfer OrderHRMD2PDF
45682017-10-05PRL Order of Sudhir Chandra Nath (S-806).HRMD2PDF
45642017-10-05PRL Order of Md. Delowar Hosen Miah (Fredom Fighter)(D-73).HRMD2PDF
45272017-10-03Joining Letter of Md. Afzal Karim (GM Admin) at the end of the Recreation Leave.HRMD2PDF
45132017-10-02PRL Order of Md. Jehadul Islam (J-585).HRMD2PDF
44952017-09-28PRL Order of Mr.Priolal Mondol(P-261)HRMD2PDF
44912017-09-28Joining Letter of Mr.Md.Shamsur Rahman, General Manager(GM)HRMD2PDF
44862017-09-27Joining Letter of Mr.Shomesh Kumar Debnath, General Manager(GM)HRMD2PDF
44772017-09-27PRL Order of Mr.Jaker Hossain Ahmed (PF-Z-92)HRMD2PDF
44542017-09-25PRL Order of Delruba Akter (D-430).HRMD2PDF
44372017-09-24Transfer Order of AGM and SPO (24-09-2017).HRMD2PDF
44352017-09-24Transfer Order of GM (24-09-2017).HRMD2PDF
43902017-09-20Seniority list of DGM (19-09-2017).HRMD2PDF
43882017-09-20Seniority list of AGM (19-09-2017).HRMD2PDF
43862017-09-20Seniority list of SPO (19-09-2017).HRMD2PDF
43842017-09-20PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-486), Md. Khalilur Rahman Bhuiyan (K-385), Md. Humayun Khalid (H-552), DGM.HRMD2PDF
43822017-09-20Regarding ACR for the FY 2016-2017.HRMD2PDF
43782017-09-20PRL Order of Md. Abdul Halim(A-4607).HRMD2
43732017-09-19PRL Order of Mohammad Delwar Hosen (D-403)HRMD2PDF
43572017-09-18Charge Handover & Taken.HRMD2PDF
43552017-09-18Transfer Order of AGM & SPO (18-09-2017).HRMD2PDF
43492017-09-18PRL Order of Md. Abdul Wahab. (A-6055).HRMD2PDF
43302017-09-14Transfer Order of AGM & SPO (14-09-2017).HRMD2PDF
42872017-09-11Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO (11-09-2017).HRMD2PDF
42262017-09-04PRL Order of Gourdas Ghose (G-459), CRM.HRMD2PDF
41942017-08-30Recreation Leave of Md. Abu Hasem Mia (H-887), SPO.HRMD2PDF
41922017-08-30Regarding House Building Loan sanction of Md Riazul Islam(R-1241), Mohammad Mosawar Hossain (M-3627), Rabiul Haque (R-1240).HRMD2PDF
41722017-08-28Employee Announcement (28-08-2017)HRMD2PDF
41402017-08-24Admin Circular-18/2017: Regarding Salary of August'17 for all non-gazetted staff & pensioner.HRMD2PDF
41362017-08-24Joining Letter of Md. Khazamuddin Talukdar, GM, BKB Staff College.HRMD2PDF
41292017-08-23Regarding departmental Charge of Manpower Planning & Development Department.HRMD2PDF
41202017-08-23PRL Order of Kazi Md. Wahidul Islam (W-166).HRMD2PDF
41072017-08-22PRL Order of Md. Mofizur Rahman (M-844), Norendra Chandra Debnath (N-1162), AGM.HRMD2PDF
41012017-08-21Regarding ACR for the FY 2016-2017.HRMD2PDF
40942017-08-21PRL Order of Md. Eskander Ali (E-136).HRMD2PDF
40882017-08-20Circular-02/2017: Regarding suspension of different advance Installment for Eid-Ul-Adha.HRMD2PDF
40862017-08-20Admin Circular-16/2017: Regarding 5% increment for pensioner.HRMD2PDF
40612017-08-16PRL Order of Md. Shahjahan Ali Siraji(S-1695).HRMD2PDF
40522017-08-13Transfer Order of DGM, AGM, SPO (10-08-2017).HRMD2PDF
40502017-08-13Transfer Order of SPO (10-08-2017).HRMD2PDF
40482017-08-13PRL Order of Muhammad Awal Khan(A-2909), Managing Director.HRMD2PDF
40032017-08-07Administrative Approval of M A Kaium (A-2154) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2PDF
39992017-08-07Administrative Approval of Md. Mahfuzur Rahman (M-1938) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2PDF
39922017-08-06Transfer Order AGM, SPO (06-08-2017).HRMD2PDF
39762017-08-02Administrative Approval of Md. Golam Mahbub (G-564) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2PDF
39732017-08-02Administrative Approval of Md. Akhter Hossain (A-7234) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2PDF
39692017-08-01Transfer Order of DGM.HRMD2PDF
39672017-08-01Transfer Order of GM.HRMD2PDF
39532017-08-01PRL Order of Muhammad Mahmud Hasan(M-1701), GM, Audit & Internal Control Division.HRMD2PDF
39492017-07-31Admin Circular-15/2017: Regarding Sranty Binodon vacation regulations, 2017.HRMD2PDF
39372017-07-27Transfer Order AGM & SPOHRMD2PDF
39232017-07-26Transfer Order (26-07-2017)HRMD2PDF
39162017-07-26PRL Order of Md. Nurul Akhter (N-1296).HRMD2PDF
39122017-07-26Charge handover for Hajj.HRMD2PDF
39062017-07-25Regarding DGM to GM Promotion Viva.HRMD2PDF
38952017-07-25Joining Letter of Quraishi Mahmud Hassan, GM.HRMD2PDF
38912017-07-24Administrative Approval of Mohammad Sohrab Hossain Mia (S-3228) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2PDF
38882017-07-24Administrative Approval of M. A. Mamin(A-6892) & Md. Shahedul Alam(S-3425) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2PDF
38862017-07-24Administrative Approval of Jesmin Ara Begum(J-651) & Md. Johirul Haque Bhuiyan(J-642) for Participating Holy Hajj.HRMD2PDF
38702017-07-23Administrative Approval for Participating Holy Hajj of Bhuiyan Anowar Hossain, S.M Delwar Hossain, A.M.M Kaiser Ahmed Manik, Md. Lutfor Rahman Molla, Md. Majibur Rahman, Rasheda Akhter, Md. Shaukat Ali Khan, Md. Shafiqur Rahman, Md. Siddiqur Rahman, Syed Md. Zakir Hossain, Md. Abu Sadek.HRMD2PDF
38652017-07-23PRL Order of Abdur Rashid Mia(A-3674), AGM.HRMD2PDF
38562017-07-23PRL Order of Md. Khalilur Rahman (K-290), S. M. Abdul Haque (A-6849), AGM.HRMD2PDF
38542017-07-20Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (20-07-2017).HRMD2PDF
38492017-07-20PRL Order of Mohammad Alam (M-2078).HRMD2PDF
38432017-07-20Transfer Order of DGM, AGM (20-07-2017).HRMD2PDF
38142017-07-17PRL order of Mr. Samir Chakma (S-3373)HRMD2PDF
38112017-07-17PRL Order of Mr.Abul Kalam Azad (A-2324)HRMD2PDF
37872017-07-16PRL Order of Mr. Parimol Kanti Achrya (P-62)HRMD2PDF
37852017-07-16Administration Circular No-14/2017 about Amendment of Service Rules-2008HRMD2PDF
37732017-07-16Release Order of Md.Abdul Latif (A-4084)HRMD2PDF
37702017-07-16Release Order of DGM Md.Abdul Latif (A-4084)HRMD2PDF
37602017-07-12Joining Letter of Md. Nuruzzaman & Mrs. Tazrina Ferdousi, DMD.HRMD2PDF
37582017-07-12Joining Letter of Md. Khazamuddin Talukdar, GM.HRMD2PDF
37372017-07-09Joining Letter of Nani Gopal Datta, GM.HRMD2PDF
37322017-07-09PRL Order of Md. Mosharraf Hossain (M-1720).HRMD2PDF
37152017-07-05Transfer Order (05-07-2017).HRMD2PDF
36962017-07-05Transfer Order of GM (05-07-2017).HRMD2PDF
36752017-07-05PRL Cancellation Order of Ratan Kumar Datta, Md. Abul hosen Faruki, Md. Roise Uddin Biswas, Md. Abdul Matin Chowdhury, Md. Mosharraf Hosen, Krishna Das Ghosh, Bashir Ahmed, A T M Anisur Rahman, Khandokar Abdur Rouf, Prodip Kumar Datta, Paromal Kanti Vawal, Kazi Nurul Islam, Md. Nowshad Ali, Zuthika Rani Karmokar, Md. Enayet Hosen Mridha, A F M Imdadul Haque, Dhirendra Nath Das, Debproshad Basu, Nitai Chandra Kar.HRMD2PDF
36092017-06-22PRL Order of Shamim Ara Banu (S-3484).HRMD2PDF
35992017-06-22Transfer Order of SPO (22-06-17).HRMD2PDF
35952017-06-21Transfer Order of DGM.HRMD2PDF
35852017-06-21Admin Circular-11/2017: Regarding Pension for the month june'17.HRMD2PDF
35642017-06-20Transfer Order of AGM (19-06-2017).HRMD2PDF
35442017-06-19Regarding not to leave Head Quarter on 30-06-2017 & 01-07-2017.HRMD2PDF
35302017-06-18PRL Order of Monindra Chandra Mondol, Dulal Chandra Mondol, Md. Akbar Ali, Didarul Alam Chowdhury, DGM.HRMD2PDF
35232017-06-15Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (15-06-2017).HRMD2PDF
34762017-06-12Admin Circular-10/2017 : Suspension of advance Installment deduction in June'17.HRMD2PDF
34672017-06-11Release Order of Mr. Md. Abul Hossain, DMD.HRMD2PDF
34552017-06-08HRMD-2/3(1)Part/2016-17/3862: Employee's Transfer related.HRMD2PDF
34292017-05-31Admin Circular-09/2017: Regarding Exgratia for the fiscal Year 2015-2016.HRMD2PDF
34272017-05-31PRL Order of Md. Rafiqul Islam(R-493).HRMD2PDF
34232017-05-30Admin Circular-08/2017: Regarding Foreign Tour instructions.HRMD2PDF
33922017-05-28Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of AGM (28-05-2017).HRMD2PDF
33602017-05-22PRL Order of Md. Abdul Latif (A-4084).HRMD2PDF
33582017-05-22PRL Order of A B M Khorshed Alam (K-351).HRMD2PDF
33512017-05-22Confirmation of AGM (21-05-2017).HRMD2PDF
33302017-05-18Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of Chief Staff Officer at MD's Secretariat.HRMD2PDF
33012017-05-16Regarding Impose Additional Charge of DGM, Credit-2.HRMD2PDF
32992017-05-16Transfer Order of AGM, SPO(16-05-2017).HRMD2PDF
32872017-05-15Transfer Order of SPO Ajoy Kumar Roy (A-6763).HRMD2PDF
32832017-05-15PRL Order of Rahima Khatun (R-1016), AGM.HRMD2PDF
32742017-05-14Transfer Order of SPO (14-05-2017).HRMD2PDF
32482017-05-08Joining Letter of Md. Rafikul Islam,GM.HRMD2PDF
32082017-05-02Transfer Order of GM (02-05-2017).HRMD2PDF
31632017-04-26PRL Order of Jagodish Chandra Sarkar (J-152).HRMD2PDF
31522017-04-25Transfer Order (25-04-2017).HRMD2PDF
31452017-04-24Admin Circular-07/2017: Regarding Pension "Bangla Noboborsho Vhata".HRMD2PDF
31272017-04-24Cancellation of Transfer Order (23-04-2017).HRMD2PDF
31172017-04-23PRL Order of Md. Atahar Uddin (A-6853), DGM.HRMD2PDF
31152017-04-23PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman (H-456), DGM.HRMD2PDF
31112017-04-23Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (23-04-2017).HRMD2PDF
30882017-04-20Transfer Order of AGM (19-04-2017).HRMD2PDF
30822017-04-19PRL Order of Rupen Kanti Dhor(R-1164), Feni.HRMD2
30772017-04-19PRL Order of Md. Zakir Hossain Mollik (Z-362), Khulna.HRMD2
30762017-04-19PRL Order of Md. Faruk Khan (F-633), Patuakhali.HRMD2
30522017-04-17Transfer Order of AGM.HRMD2
30272017-04-13Regarding Financial Power of DGM(Admin & Operation) in Barisal Divisional Office.HRMD2PDF
29882017-04-11Transfer order (10-04-2017).HRMD2PDF
29732017-04-09PRL Order of Md. Abdul Kaiyum (A-6340), Sherpur.HRMD2PDF
29712017-04-09PRL Order of Subroto Ranjan Das (S-1784), Sylhet.HRMD2PDF
29352017-04-03HRMD-2/21(3)/2016-17/3115: Regarding Attendence in workplace.HRMD2PDF
29252017-03-30PRL Order of Md. Israil Khan(I-79), Bhupendro Chandra Paul(B-535), Md. Ibrahim Hossain(I-275).HRMD2PDF
29202017-03-30HRMD-2/3(1)/2016-17/3072: Regarding Protocol Officer of BKB.HRMD2PDF
29182017-03-30HRMD-2/21(3)/2016-17/3049: Regarding PRL Application.HRMD2PDF
29022017-03-29Transfer Order of SPO (29-03-2017).HRMD2PDF
28912017-03-28PRL Order of Md. Shohrab Uddin Mia (S-927).HRMD2PDF
28872017-03-28PRL Order of Akhil Chandra Dutta(A-6271), AGM.HRMD2PDF
28762017-03-28PRL Order of Md. Shohrab Hossain Mia(S-3228), SPO.HRMD2PDF
28742017-03-28PRL Order of A T M Kamruzzaman (K-672), SPO.HRMD2PDF
28592017-03-23PRL Order of Rowshon Sultana (R-1049).HRMD2PDF
28312017-03-20Joining Letter of Qureshi Mahmud Hasan, GM.HRMD2PDF
28282017-03-19PRL Order of Parimal Kanti Bhowal (P-128), DAO.HRMD2PDF
28192017-03-16Release Order of Dr. Md. Shahjahan, GM.HRMD2PDF
28082017-03-16Transfer Order of GM (16-03-2017).HRMD2PDF
27932017-03-15Regarding Protocol Officer of BKB.HRMD2PDF
27822017-03-13Transfer Order of Md. Abdul Mannan(A-6197), SPO.HRMD2PDF
27662017-03-09Transfer order (09-03-2017).HRMD2PDF
27632017-03-09Joining letter of Md. Khazamuddin Talukdar, GM (09-03-2017).HRMD2PDF
27612017-03-09Transfer order of SPO (09-03-2017).HRMD2PDF
27552017-03-08Regarding provide Financial & Administrative Power.HRMD2PDF
27532017-03-08Transfer Order of SPO (08-03-2017)HRMD2PDF
27502017-03-07Admin Circular-05/2017: Promotion, Recruitment related notifications for the post of MD, DMD & GM.HRMD2PDF
27362017-03-06Regarding provide update information for promotion from GM to DMD.HRMD2PDF
27262017-03-05PRL Order of H M Abdul Wadud, Md. Shahidullah, GM.HRMD2
27242017-03-05PRL Order of Md. Mosleh Uddin Ahmed (M-1425).HRMD2PDF
27192017-03-05Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (05-03-2017).HRMD2PDF
27152017-03-05Admin Circular-04/2017: Regarding Suspension of Admin Circular-04/2012.HRMD2PDF
27122017-03-05PRL Order of Md. Nurul Amin (N-408), Sunamgonj.HRMD2PDF
27102017-03-02Transfer Order of AGM (02-03-2017).HRMD2PDF
27062017-03-02Joining Letter of Md. Nurul Islam, Noni Gopal Datta (N-782), GM.HRMD2PDF
26982017-03-01Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (01-03-2017).HRMD2PDF
26932017-03-01Transfer Order of SPO (01-03-2017).HRMD2PDF
26882017-03-01Additional Financial Power have been provided to Md. Abul Kashem (A-4156), SPO, Laksam.HRMD2PDF
26812017-02-28Release Order of Md. Yunus Ali, GM, Khulna, (28-02-2017).HRMD2PDF
26772017-02-28PRL Order of Ratan Kumar Datta (R-270).HRMD2PDF
26712017-02-27PRL Order of Md. Rafikul Islam(R-1137), Khandoker Abdur Rouf (A-4631).HRMD2PDF
26692017-02-27PRL Order of Md. Habibur Rahman (H-741).HRMD2PDF
26612017-02-27PRL Order of Shahjahan Fakir (S-897).HRMD2PDF
26532017-02-26Joining Letter of Md. Khazamuddin Talukder, Noni Gopal Dutta, Md. Nurul Islam, GM (26-02-2017).HRMD2PDF
26492017-02-26PRL Order of Sankar Lal Roy(S-1225), Jamalpur.HRMD2PDF
26472017-02-26PRL Order of Gourango Sarkar(G-485), Md. Azizur Rahman(A-6020), Md. Robiul Islam(R-1031), Md. Nazrul Islam(N-1384), AGM.HRMD2PDF
26322017-02-23Transfer Order of GM (23-02-2017).HRMD2PDF
26292017-02-23Joining Letter of Mr. Thakur Das Kundu, GM.HRMD2PDF
26172017-02-23Joining Letter of Mr. Md. Afzal Karim, GM.HRMD2PDF
26132017-02-22PRL Order of AGM Swapon Kumar Saha (S-1810),HRMD2PDF
26112017-02-22PRL Order of S. M. Saiduzzaman (S-1919).HRMD2PDF
26012017-02-22Transfer order of DGM.HRMD2PDF
25992017-02-22PRL Order of Juthika Rani Karmaker (J-166).HRMD2PDF
25962017-02-22Manpower Distribution of ICT Department.HRMD1, HRMD2PDF
25942017-02-22Transfer order of SPO (20-02-2017).HRMD2PDF
25882017-02-20PRL Order of Anis Ahmed (A-2937).HRMD2PDF
25582017-02-16Transfer Order of Mohammad Moinul Islam, SPO.HRMD2PDF
25482017-02-16Transfer Order of DGM Md. Ferdouse(F-263), Mrs. Farida Siddika(F-631) And AGM Ali Akkas Patwary(A-2024).HRMD2PDF
25162017-02-14Transfer Order of AGM 13-02-2017HRMD2PDF
25072017-02-13PRL Order of Md. Lutfor Rahman Molla (L-207).HRMD2PDF
24992017-02-12PRL Order of AGM Gias Uddin Ahmed(G-169), Narayanganj.HRMD2PDF
24782017-02-09PRL order of K M Yusuf Harun (Y-162), Md. Sanowar Jamal (S-1055).HRMD2PDF
24762017-02-08PRL Order of SPO Moni Mohon Sarker (M-2991), Md Abu bakar Siddik (A-3843).HRMD2PDF
24612017-02-07PRL Order of AGM Sukumar Das (S-1612), Md. Abdul Kuddus (A-3067).HRMD2PDF
24532017-02-06Viva Reschedule for Promotion from SPO to AGM (06-02-2017).HRMD2PDF
24482017-02-05PRL Order of SPO Md. Shahjahan Sarker(S-804).HRMD2PDF
24442017-02-05Transfer Order of DGM Md. Mahtab Uddin(M-1489), AGM Md. Nurul Amin (N-457).HRMD2PDF
24342017-02-04Adjustment Transfer Order of AGM.HRMD2PDF
24322017-02-04Adjustment Transfer Order of DGM.HRMD2PDF
24262017-02-02Transfer Order of AGM, SPO (02-02-2017).HRMD2PDF
24222017-02-02PRL Order of DGM Md. Monir Hosen (M-1852)Dhaka, Md. Khalilur Rahman (K-364) Moulvibazar, Md. Abdul Ohab (A-3871) Dhaka.HRMD2PDF
24192017-02-02PRL Order of AGM S.M Farid Uddin (F-565) Patuakhali.HRMD2PDF
24162017-02-01PRL Order of SPO Anisur Rahman (A-2048).HRMD2PDF
23802017-01-29PRL Order of SPO Abul Hasan Miah(H-277).HRMD2PDF
23552017-01-29Transfer Order of AGM & SPO (29-01-2017)HRMD2PDF
23062017-01-25Transfer Order of DGM, AGM & SPO (24-01-2017).HRMD2PDF
22952017-01-24PRL Order of SPO Noimur Rashid (N-1262)Rangamati, Ranojit Chandra Dey (R-1091) ChandpurHRMD2PDF
22852017-01-23Viva Schedule for Promotion from SPO to AGM.HRMD2
22842017-01-23Promotion Order from AGM to DGM (04-02-2017).HRMD2PDF
22402017-01-17Additional Charge Notice.HRMD2PDF
22322017-01-17PRL Order of Md Showkotozzaman(S-3224), AGM.HRMD2PDF
22302017-01-17Release Order of Md. Shamsur Rahman, GM (16-01-2017).HRMD2PDF
22232017-01-17Joining Letter of Sheikh Mahmud Kamal, GM.HRMD2PDF
22182017-01-16Circular No-01/2017 : Original Dalil Withdraw from Sub-Register's Office.HRMD2PDF
22162017-01-16Transfer Order of GM (15-01-2017).HRMD2PDF
22142017-01-16Joining Letter of H M Abdul Wadud (W-61), GM.HRMD2PDF
22092017-01-16Joining Letter of Md. Shohidullah, Md. Rakibur Rahman Khandoker, Md. Yunus Ali, GM.HRMD2PDF
21932017-01-12Transfer Order of General Manager Md. Habib ullah.HRMD2PDF
21912017-01-12Advances against pledge property as collateral obstacles to build a house, including in the context of refund anticipation LeavesHRMD2PDF
21792017-01-12PRL Order of Md. Motahar Hossain(M-1492), Md. Malek Newaz(M-1583), Nasima Begum(N-661), Md. Riaz Uddin Mia(R-411), GM.HRMD2PDF
21772017-01-12PRL Order of Abul Kalam Azad (A-6069)HRMD2PDF
21622017-01-11PRL Order of Md. Abdul Mannan (A-6109).HRMD2PDF
21532017-01-10Transfer Order of General Manager (09-01-2017).HRMD2PDF
21502017-01-09PRL Order of Md. Nazrul Islam (N-1298)HRMD2PDF
21372017-01-08PRL Order of H.M.Abdul Wadud (W-61),DGM, Dhaka.HRMD2PDF
21352017-01-08Joining Letter of GM, Md. Yunus Ali, Md. Rakibur Rahman Khandokar.HRMD2PDF
21312017-01-08Transfer Order of GM Md. Yunus Ali, Md. Rakibur Rahman Khandokar.HRMD2PDF
21282017-01-05Admin Circular-02/2017: Circular related Travelling Allowance (TA).HRMD2PDF
20982017-01-03Transfer Order of DGM (03-01-2017).HRMD2PDF
20962017-01-03Admin Circular-01/2017: List of Admin Circular & Circular Letters.HRMD2PDF
20932017-01-03PRL Order of Md. Ruhul Amin, S A M Nurul Hoque Khandaker, Md. Anowar Hossain, Sharif Ikbal Hamid, DGM.HRMD2PDF
20752017-01-01PRL Order of A.K.M Manjurul Alam(M-1542).HRMD2PDF
20732017-01-01PRL Order of Md. Alauddin(A-2892), Kushtia.HRMD2PDF
20552016-12-29Transfer Order of AGM A.K. M Mahmudul Hasan (M-2052).HRMD2PDF
20492016-12-29Transfer Order of DGM Md. Jashmat Ali (J-412),Md.Mahbubur Rahman(M-3258)HRMD2PDF
20472016-12-29PRL Order of Sachindra Nath Das (S-3203),SPO,Barishal.HRMD2PDF
20392016-12-27PRL Order of Md. Nurul Amin(N-1302),AGM,Khulna.HRMD2PDF
20352016-12-27PRL Order of Md. Abdul Matin Chowdhury(A-6672), AGM, Dhaka.HRMD2PDF
20332016-12-27PRL Order of Dulal Chandra Sarker (D-213), GM , Dhaka.HRMD2PDF
20212016-12-27Transfer Order of AGM Md. Zakir Hosen Mollick(Z-362),Md Mosiul Ajom(M-3304) and SPO Farid Ahammed Choudhury(F-146).HRMD2PDF
20192016-12-27Admin Circular-21/2016: Revised House Building Loan Ceiling.HRMD2PDF
20122016-12-26PRL Order of Md. Meser Uddin Mia(M-1783), DGM.HRMD2PDF
20102016-12-26Admin Circular No-20/2016: Redetermination of Store Keeper's Wages Rate.HRMD2PDF
20032016-12-22PRL Order of AGM Dr.Md.Yunus Miah(Y-165)Comilla,Mahmuda Begum(M-3284)Dhaka.HRMD2PDF
19962016-12-21HRMD-2 Circular no. 04/2016: About after the payment of advances granted to build a house as collateral mortgaged property in advance of releasing a full refund and related documents approved.HRMD2PDF
19942016-12-21HRMD-2 Circular No-05/2016: In the context of the task force to implement the verdict of the lower departmental disciplinary casesHRMD2PDF
19922016-12-21PRL Order of DGM Md. Shahjahan (S-3505)Barishal, Md. Abdul Kuddus Miah(A-2077) Dhaka.HRMD2PDF
19862016-12-21PRL Order of SPO Mahmud Shokrana(M-802),Md. Ruhul Amin(R-1053), Md. Iftekhar Hossen Miah(I-299)HRMD2PDF
19832016-12-21PRL Order of Md.Yusuf (Y-110) GM Comilla.HRMD2, UncategorizedPDF
19782016-12-20Transfer Order of SPO.HRMD2PDF
19762016-12-20Transfer Order of AGM, SPO.HRMD2PDF
19742016-12-20Transfer Order of DGM, AGM.HRMD2PDF
19722016-12-20Transfer Order of GM.HRMD2PDF
19612016-12-19PRL Order of Borhan Uddin Ahmed(B-563), Md. Mojibur Rahman(M-3017), Saleha Khatun(S-3098), AGM.HRMD2PDF
19582016-12-19PRL Order of Md. Shafiqur Rahman(S-1247), Md. Anowarul Kabir(A-4592), Din Mohammad(D-191), Md. Abdus Salam(A-4593), DGM.HRMD2
19502016-12-18PRL Order of SPO Md. Abul Hosen(A-6472),Md. Mofizul Islam(M-1476),Monju Rudra(M-865).HRMD2PDF
19452016-12-18PRL Order of Sorowar Mohammad Shahriar(S-3370), AGM.HRMD2PDF
19432016-12-18Transfer Order of AGM S.M Shahidullah(S-1453), A.K.M Aminul Islam(A-1580).HRMD2PDF
19242016-12-14PRL Order of S M Shahjahan(S-3346), AGM, Sylhet.HRMD2PDF
19222016-12-14PRL Order of S.M.Mahbubur Rahman(M-1652),Md. Abul Hosen(A-4107), Md.Jashmat Ali(J-412), DGM.HRMD2PDF
19002016-12-12PRL Order of Md.Abdul Kuddus Howladar(A-2376),Md. Golam Mostafa(G-100)HRMD2PDF
18982016-12-12PRL Order of Md. Shah Alam (S-3392),Md. Shahidullah (s-1453)HRMD2PDF
18952016-12-12Transfer Order of DGM Md. A. Halim, Md. Fazlur Rahman, MD. Gias UddinHRMD2PDF
18932016-12-12PRL Order of A.S.M. Moshihur Rahman (M-1511).HRMD2PDF
18842016-12-08PRL Order of Md. Saiful Islam (S-1486).HRMD2PDF
18822016-12-08PRL Order of Md. Robiul Hoque(R-1025), Md. Shifatullah(S-3084), Md. Jahid Hosen(J-560).HRMD2PDF
18542016-12-06PRL Order of Farid Ahmed Chowdhury, Md. Khorshed Alam Bhuiya, Amol Chandra Ghosh.HRMD2PDF
18022016-12-01PRL Order of Mohon Chandra Chowdhury.HRMD2PDF
17902016-11-30PRL Order of Narendra Kumar Shil, A.F.M Nurul Alam, Priyobrato Barua, A.K.M Aminul Islam.HRMD2PDF
17842016-11-30Transfer Order of AGM- Md.A.K.M Monjurul ALam, Md Joynul Abedin.HRMD2PDF
17822016-11-30PRL Order of Md. Abu taher, Sunil Kanti Das, Md. Humayun Kabir, Abdul kader.HRMD2PDF
17762016-11-29PRL Order of Md. Alauddin Biswas & Sattajit Sarkar, DGM.HRMD2PDF
17582016-11-28Travelling to abroad Permission letter of Ashim Bhushan Kundu.HRMD2PDF
17512016-11-28Travelling to abroad Permission letter of Jogodish Chandra Haoladar.HRMD2PDF
17492016-11-28Travelling to abroad Permission letter of Md. Delwar Hosen.HRMD2PDF
17272016-11-23PRL Order Of S.M Nuruzzaman.HRMD2PDF
17252016-11-23PRL Order Of Kazi Shahidul Haque.HRMD2PDF
17232016-11-23PRL Order Of Md. Abdul latif.HRMD2PDF
16942016-11-22Company officials against the target of achieving 08 participation upcoming promotion and annual performance evaluation of the progress made in the context of the successes achieved under the agreement.HRMD2PDF
16922016-11-22About Suddenly able to go to the retirement of an officer / staff of the regulatory office in the context of transferHRMD2PDF
16172016-11-15Travelling to abroad Permission letter of Masuda Begom.HRMD2PDF
16132016-11-15Admin Circular-18/2016: Revised House Building Loan Ceiling.HRMD2PDF
15862016-11-13PRL Order Of Gourango Chandra Sarker.HRMD2PDF
15842016-11-13PRL Order Of Dhirendra Nath Das.HRMD2PDF
15822016-11-13PRL Order Of Morsheda Khanom.HRMD2PDF
15802016-11-13PRL Order Of Md. Anowarul Islam.HRMD2PDF
15742016-11-13PRL Order Of Salim Uddin.HRMD2PDF
15722016-11-13Transfer Order of SPO, PO.HRMD2PDF
15702016-11-10Approval Letter for going to abroad.HRMD2PDF
15682016-11-10PRL Order of Md. Yunus.HRMD2PDF
15662016-11-10PRL Order of Md. Jalil Dewan.HRMD2PDF
15492016-11-09PRL Order of Md.Ataur Rahman,Md. Nur Nabi, Md. Shahjahan.HRMD2PDF
15402016-11-09Seniority List Of SPO (08/11/2016)HRMD2PDF
15432016-11-09Seniority List of DGM (08-11-16).HRMD2PDF
15412016-11-09Seniority List of AGM (08-11-16).HRMD2PDF
15222016-11-09PRL Order of Md. Hafizur Rahman, Md. Nawshad Ali, Sushanto Kumar Roy.HRMD2PDF
15092016-11-08About sending ACR of fiscal year 2015-2016.HRMD2PDF
14722016-11-07Release Order of Koraisi Mahmud Hasan, Divisional Audit Office, Khulna.HRMD2PDF
14542016-11-03PRL Order of Md. Rohomot ullah, CRM Office, Jhinaidah.HRMD2
14522016-11-03PRL Order of Md. Rais uddin Biswas, DGM.HRMD2PDF
14482016-11-03Transfer Order of DGM, AGM.HRMD2PDF
14462016-11-03Transfer Order of AGM, SPO.HRMD2PDF
13652016-10-24Prl Order of Md. Wahiduzzaman, SPO, CRM Office, Rajbari.HRMD2PDF
13532016-10-23Transfer Order, AGM.HRMD2PDF
13432016-10-20Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of DGM, Kawranbazar Corporate Branch, Dhaka.HRMD2PDF
13372016-10-20Admin Circular-17/2016: Clarification of National Payscale-2015.HRMD2PDF
13162016-10-19PRL order of Md. Abdul Mannan, AGM.HRMD2PDF
13112016-10-19PRL order of Bina Pani Saha, SPO.HRMD2PDF
12982016-10-19PRL Order of Md. Sadek Hossain, CRM office, Gazipur.HRMD2PDF
12702016-10-18Joining Letter of Md. Zahir Iqbal, DGM, HRMD-2 Department, HO.HRMD2PDF
12682016-10-18PRL Order of Nitai Podo Saha, SPO, CRM, Rajbari.HRMD2PDF
12622016-10-17PRL order of Md. Nasir Uddin, DGMHRMD2PDF
12602016-10-17PRL order of Md. Lutfor Rahman, DGMHRMD2PDF
12582016-10-17PRL order of Md. Abul kalam Bhuiyan, DGMHRMD2PDF
12552016-10-16PRL order of Md. Oliullah, AGMHRMD2PDF
12522016-10-16PRL order of Laila Arjumand Banu, AGMHRMD2PDF
12482016-10-10Transfer order AGM, SPOHRMD2PDF
12462016-10-10Transfer order DGM, AGM, SPOHRMD2PDF
12442016-10-10Transfer order DGM, AGM, SPOHRMD2PDF
12142016-10-06PRL order of Mahbubur Rahman Patwary, AGMHRMD2PDF
12052016-10-06PRL order of Md. Shamsu Mia.HRMD2PDF
12032016-10-05PRL order of Md. Mozammel Haque, AGMHRMD2PDF
12012016-10-05PRL order of A F M Jahangir Alam, AGMHRMD2PDF
11992016-10-05PRL order of Mohammad Ali, SPOHRMD2PDF
11972016-10-05PRL order of Md. Shawkat Jahan, SPOHRMD2PDF
11942016-10-05PRL Order of Poresh Chandra Roy, AGMHRMD2PDF
11922016-10-05PRL order of Mohammad Abul Kalam, AGMHRMD2PDF
11802016-10-05Transfer Order of DGM, AGM.HRMD2PDF
11562016-10-04Release order of Mr. Forkan Ahmed, GMHRMD2PDF
11382016-10-03Transfer Order of AGM, SPO.HRMD2PDF
11332016-10-02Additional charge as Secretary of the Board to the DGM of Law departmentHRMD2PDF
10872016-09-28PRL Order of Mostafa Jalal Uddin Ahmed, DMD.HRMD2PDF
10772016-09-27Transfer Order DGM.HRMD2PDF
10612016-09-27Transfer Order AGM, SPO.HRMD2PDF
10202016-09-26PRL Order of Md. Abu Taher, Dilip Kumar Haulader, Shamol Ranjon Pal.HRMD2PDF
9732016-09-22Admin Circular-16/2016: Audit objection in Special increment of staffs.HRMD2PDF
9442016-09-20PRL Order of Divisional Audit officer, DGM(Vigilance Squad Department) & DGM(Board Secretariat).HRMD2PDF
9192016-09-20Transfer Order of AGM, SPO.HRMD2PDF
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