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245932021-11-14Invitation for Enlistment.ICT (Operation)PDF
234152021-09-09e-Tender Notice (OTM)ICT (Operation), UncategorizedPDF
223402021-07-08OP-1513: Regarding Following & Implementation of Information & Communication(ICT) Security Policy-2021ICT (Operation)PDF
223752021-07-01Supply of 50pcs Personel Computer for BKB.ICT (Operation)PDF
200922021-03-08HRMD 1- 4276: Regarding Re-assigning 59 Officers to ICT Operation.HRMD1, ICT (Operation)PDF
199442021-02-24ICT(Operation)- Regarding Enlistment of Vendors to Purchase/Repair Computer Accessories, Data & Internet Connectivity, Software Etc.ICT (Operation)PDF
196732021-01-27ICT (Operation)-925: About taking Necessary Precautions to Prevent Fraudulent ActivitiesICT (Operation)PDF
194092021-01-03HRMD 1- 2397: Regarding Re-assigning 64 Officers to ICT Operation.HRMD1, ICT (Operation)PDF
192592020-12-23ICT (Operation)-694: ২৪.১২.২০২০ তারিখে ভিডিও কনফারেন্সিং এর মাধ্যমে শাখা ব্যবস্থাপক পর্যালোচনা সভা অনুষ্ঠানের লক্ষ্যে Zoom Webinar মিটিং সংক্রান্ত দিক নির্দেশনা।ICT (Operation)PDF
192402020-12-22Invitation for Enlistment of Computer & Accessories.ICT (Operation)PDF
191722020-12-20ICT(Operation)-665:Necessary Acts of Offline Branches Regarding Half Yearly Closing-2020ICT (Operation)PDF
181912020-11-04Circular No-01/2020: Regarding Giving Financial Power to Field Level General Managers Similar to Head Office General Managers According to Board Circular No-01/2013 , Date-05.08.2013ICT (Operation)PDF
179202020-10-15HRMD 1- 1674: Regarding Re-assigning 69 Officers to ICT Operation.ICT (Operation)PDF
165902020-07-27Enlistment of Vendors for Computer, Software Purchasing/Servicing, Data/Internet Connectivity.ICT (Operation)PDF
162172020-06-11Regarding annual closing of June/2020 for offline computerized branchesICT (Operation)PDF
153002020-02-06Supply of Computer Consumables, Computer & Network Accessories for BKB.ICT (Operation)PDF
150922020-01-20Invitation for retender : Supply, Installation & Commissioning of display set for Divisional Offices of BKB.ICT (Operation)PDF
145772019-12-24Invitation for Enlistment.ICT (Operation)PDF
142862019-12-08ICT(Operation)-530:Necessary Acts of Offline ComputerBranches Regarding Half Yearly Closing-2019.ICT (Operation)PDF
141092019-11-25Regarding Declaring 12 December as Digital Bangladesh Day.ICT (Operation)PDF
134662019-09-29Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Video Conferencing System, Display Set (TV) & Online UPS for Divisional Offices.ICT (Operation)PDF
132282019-09-19Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer Hardware for Branches of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.ICT (Operation)PDF
131952019-09-17Regarding Innovation Idea (Reminder-4).ICT (Operation)
129112019-08-27Explanation Call for Not Keeping Gharisar Bazar Branch,Shariatpur, Parallel.ICT (Operation)PDF
128992019-08-26Required Action to Minimize Phishing Attack While Using E-mail Systems.ICT (Operation)PDF
128552019-08-22Regarding Explanation Call for Not Keeping CD/DVD Data Back-up of Kusumhati Branch, Sherpur (Live-Operation).ICT (Operation)PDF
128532019-08-22Regarding Reversion of Jagannathpur Branch, Chuadanga From Offline Live Operation to Manual.ICT (Operation)PDF
128512019-08-22Regarding Reversion of Lalpur Bazar Branch ,Brahmanbaria From Offline Live Operation to Manual.ICT (Operation)PDF
128492019-08-22Regarding Reversion of Khodarhat Branch, Patiya From Offline Live Operation to Manual.ICT (Operation)PDF
121312019-06-24Regarding Innovation Idea (Reminder-3).ICT (Operation)PDF
119962019-06-12Instructions for Annual Closing-2019 to Computerized BranchesICT (Operation)PDF
114282019-04-10ICT (Operation)- Enlistment of Vendors for Computer, Software Purchasing/Servicing, Data/Internet Connectivity.ICT (Operation)PDF
107862019-02-12Passport Approval of Md. Farid Hasan (F-708), Senior System Analyst.HRMD2, ICT (Operation)PDF
103312019-01-09Invitation for Enlistment.ICT (Operation)PDF
90702018-09-26Regarding Innovation Idea (Reminder-2).ICT (Operation)
86672018-08-20Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer Hardware for 200 Branches of BKB.ICT (Operation)PDF
82782018-07-22Regarding Use of 'BKB Janala" Mobile Apps.ICT (Operation)PDF
82732018-07-22Regarding Innovation Idea (Reminder).ICT (Operation)
64982018-02-28Charge Handover of Abdur Rahman Mamun, GM, ICT Division.ICT (Operation)PDF
53362017-12-20Enlistment of Suppliers.ICT (Operation)PDF
36582017-07-03Supply of Computer Hardware for Branches, Divisional Offices and Head Office.ICT (Operation)PDF
36502017-07-03Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Server, Server Rack, NOS , RDBMS and HSM, Online UPS for BACH upgradation.ICT (Operation)PDF
36192017-06-28Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Implementation of Banking Application Software for 200 Branches.ICT (Operation)PDF
36012017-06-22A 2(Two) days work Plan for Year Closing June-2017 of BKB Online Branches.ICT (Operation)PDF
35572017-06-19Regarding New Innovation Idea.ICT (Operation)PDF
30382017-04-16Invitation for Annual Maintenance including Parts, Labour & Device Replacement(IT Enable Services) Branch Switches (12 Gigabit Ethernet Port):Type-A, Branch Switches(24 Gigabit Ethernet Port):Type-B & Branch Routers(with built-in Firewall) of it's 1st phase 40 Online Branches.ICT (Operation)PDF
28852017-03-28ICT Circular-02/2017: In the context of the overall security and ensuring data preservation.ICT (Operation), ICT Guidelines, Policy & GuidelinePDF
27312017-03-06In the context of the suspension of the activities of Mobile BankingICT (Operation)PDF
26512017-02-26Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer Hardware for 200 Offline Branches.ICT (Operation)PDF
24102017-02-01Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer Hardware for 200 Branches.ICT (Operation)PDF
24082017-02-01ICT Circular-01-2017: Redetermination of Online Transaction charge.ICT (Operation), ICT Guidelines, Policy & GuidelinePDF
22432017-01-17Vendor Enlistment Notice.ICT (Operation)PDF
18582016-12-04Invitation for Enlistment of Suppliers.ICT (Operation)PDF
15562016-11-10Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Dedicated Internet Connectivity & Data Connectivity for 60 Branches of BKB.ICT (Operation)PDF
11002016-09-28Invitation for Supply, Customization, Installation and Commissioning of Management Information System (MIS) Software with RDBMS & Related Hardware for Bangladesh Krishi Bank.ICT (Operation)PDF
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