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230732021-08-22Law-101: Implementation of Board Decision taken on 28th Meeting.LAWPDF
199422021-02-24Law-995: Formation of Monitoring cell for credit case.LAWPDF
193882021-01-03Joining Letter of Md. Golam Mahbub (G-564), DGM, Law DepartmentLAW
183732020-11-25Law-567: Regarding Target achievement.LAWPDF
183222020-11-17Law-546: Regarding Aternative Dispute Resolution target achievement.LAWPDF
179892020-10-19Law-405: Regarding Implementation of 25th Board Risk Management Meeting Minutes.LAWPDF
176492020-10-05Law-387: Security act for govt. employee.LAWPDF
169752020-08-20Recruitment of Lawer.Career, LAWPDF
168522020-08-16Work plan and time frame to settle the classified loans which are pending before Artha Rin AdalatLAW, UncategorizedPDF
158882020-03-25Law-1100: Amendment in Loan Recovery(Law) Circular-03/2019.LAWPDF
158862020-03-25Law-1099: Regarding Classified Loan target achievement.LAWPDF
147712020-01-01Law Circular-03/2019: Panel lawyer's recruitment related Policy-2019.LAWPDF
147692020-01-01Law Circular-02/2019: Redetermination of lawyer's fees Policy-2019.LAWPDF
121652019-06-25Regarding Sending Complete List of Auction Advisement According to Artha Rin Adalat, Law-2013, Section-12 (Till 30-06-2019).LAWPDF
121572019-06-24Regarding Providing Exemption Facility from Obligatory Mortgage Document Registration According to Registration Act,1908 -Section -17(2) (X)LAWPDF
115542019-04-28Regarding Filing Artha Rin Case Under Artha Rin Adalat Ain, 2003 & Quick Dismissal to Accomplish Target of Reducing Classified Loan.LAW
108502019-02-18Regarding Case Related Information Entry & Correction on DCMS SoftwareLAWPDF
101932019-01-01Joining Letter of Legal Adviser.LAW, Personal LettersPDF
96332018-11-11Circular Letter No: 01/457(1250): Deduction of Classified Loan according to Law of Ortho Rin Adalat, 2003LAWPDF
83822018-07-26Law Department: Charge HandoverLAW, Personal LettersPDF
77402018-06-19Regarding DCMS Software Case Related Data Entry & Correction .LAWPDF
65852018-03-06Joining Letter of Monir Uddin (M-3158), DGM, Law Department.LAWPDF
65672018-03-05Regarding Fulfilling Target by Quick expedition of Cases filed on Finance Law Court.LAWPDF
44842017-09-27DMD Circular No-14/2002 about Contractual Appointment of Lawyer and re-fixation of feeLAWPDF
41422017-08-24Loan recovery target & achievement policy for solving loan cases.LAWPDF
39422017-07-30Joining Letter of DGM, Law Dept.LAWPDF
27912017-03-14Filing of money code cases in persuance of section-14 of the Arthorin Adalat Ain-2003 as well as preparing the list of mortgaged properties acquired under 33(5) and 33(7) of the said Act.LAWPDF
25052017-02-13Regarding Finance Loan act-2003(Revised-2010).LAWPDF
12402016-10-10Joining Letter of Md. Atahar Uddin, DGM, Law Department.LAWPDF
12252016-10-09Regarding target achievement of Loan Case.LAWPDF
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