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252232021-12-28LCD-174: Regarding Preparing 31.12.2021 Based 52th CL Report.LCDPDF
243182021-10-07LCD-111: Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
233112021-09-01LCD-73: Regarding Loan Classification.LCD, UncategorizedPDF
230992021-08-23Loan Recovery-03/2021: determination of CL target.LCDPDF
222222021-06-28LCD-348: Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
221722021-06-2730-06-2021 সূত্র তারিখ ভিত্তিক 51তম ঋণ শ্রেণীবিন্যাস বিবরণী প্রস্তুতকরণ প্রসঙ্গে।LCDPDF
210102021-04-04LCD-273: Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
197492021-02-07LCD-229: Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
193922021-01-03Joining Letter of DGM Muhammad Sazzad Hossain (S-3781), DGM, LCD.LCDPDF
193692020-12-31LCD-165: Regarding Loan Classification (BRPD Circular No-59).LCDPDF
192982020-12-27LCD-161: 31-12-2020 সূত্র তারিখ ভিত্তিক 50তম ঋণ শ্রেণীবিন্যাস বিবরণী প্রস্তুতকরণ প্রসঙ্গে।LCD
191622020-12-20CL-1/156(BRPD Circular-56): Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
180902020-10-25LCD-125: Regarding Loan Classification and Provisioning.LCDPDF
178142020-10-11LCD: 119- Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
169672020-08-19LCD-69: Loan Classification and provisioning for cottage, micro and small credits under CMSME.LCDPDF
163432020-06-25CL-3/272: ৩০-০৬-২০২০ সূত্র তারিখ ভিত্তিক ৪৯তম ঋণ শ্রেণীবিন্যাস বিবরণী প্রস্তুতকরণ ।LCD
162912020-06-21CL-1/269: Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
158762020-03-25LCD-235: Regarding Loan Classification.LCDPDF
145682019-12-23Regarding Preparing 48th CL Statement (31.12.2019 Based)LCD
141412019-11-28Regarding CL Marking & Interest Calculation of Loan Accounts Properly.LCDPDF
121732019-06-25Regarding Preparing 47th CL Statement (30.06.2019 Based)LCDPDF
117292019-05-13Regarding Compliance of Loan Classification & Provisioning Regulations.LCDPDF
116512019-05-06Charge Handover of Dinesh Chandra Bishwas, DGM, LCD.LCDPDF
100202018-12-17Regarding Preparation of 46th 31.12.2018 based Loan Classification List.LCDPDF
94912018-10-31CL-24/18-18/214: Regarding Deposit Collection, Loan Disbursement & target achievement.LCDPDF
94892018-10-31CL-1/2018-19/213: Regarding Loan Classification & Provisioning regulations.LCDPDF
80132018-07-05Regarding Loan Classification & Provisioning.LCDPDF
77892018-06-25CL-3(Part-1)/2017-18/817: Branchwise Union & Village name list in XL Format for preparing Borrowers list, Demand Notice and Legal Notice.LCDPDF
77442018-06-19Preparing CL Statement Based on 30-06-2018.LCDPDF
72932018-05-09Joining letter of Md. Shahidul Islam(S-1485) as General Manager.LCD, Personal LettersPDF
68132018-03-27Regarding Sending Soft copy of March Based CL.LCDPDF
67302018-03-18Regarding Maintaining Provision Against Unclassified HBL.LCDPDF
61662018-02-05Regarding Maintenance of General Provision Against Issued L.C's on favor of Fast Track Power Plant ProjectsLCDPDF
55892018-01-0344 CL GuidilineLCDPDF
53302017-12-20CL-3(P-1)/2017-18/507: Regarding CL Form-1 to CL Form-5 Excel Format.LCDPDF
47172017-10-19Loan Recovery Circular-05/2017: Regarding classified loan Revised target determination & achievement.LCDPDF
46152017-10-09Regarding Loan Classification & Provisioning policy.LCDPDF
35762017-06-20Regarding preparing 43rd CL Description.LCDPDF
35332017-06-18Regarding CL Details Sending in MS Excel Format.LCDPDF
34592017-06-08Loan Recovery Circular-01/2017: Regarding CL Loan Target determination & Achievement.LCDPDF
33652017-05-23HO/CL-3(Part-1)/2016-17/1175: Regarding CL Description Soft copy sending.LCDPDF
19302016-12-15About Preparing 42 nd Classified Loan Statement.LCDPDF
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