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251812021-12-26Monitoring-276: Regarding Sending Verification Statement on Quarterly Operations Report.MonitoringPDF
245872021-11-11Monitoring-186: Regarding Loan Documentation Check List(LDCL) & DCFCL.MonitoringPDF
235982021-09-16ICD Circular No-01/2021: Regarding Statement About Managers Branch Inspection Report, Quarterly Operation Report, Self-assessment of Anti Fraud Internal Controls, DCFCL & LDCL Report.MonitoringPDF
214902021-05-19Monitoring-759: Regarding Change in Telephone Number.MonitoringPDF
210342021-04-05Monitoring-683: Regarding New E-mail Address for Monitoring Department.MonitoringPDF
201492021-03-14Joining Letter (After Ex-Bangladesh Leave) & Charge Handover to Mr. Mohammod Ahad Khan (A-7242), DGM, Monitoring Department.MonitoringPDF
199992021-03-01Charge Handover of Mohammod Ahad Khan(A-7242), DGM, Monitoring Department to Jinat Shafin Wadud (J-742), DGM, Budget Department.MonitoringPDF
182082020-11-05Problem Loan Review Policy-2020Monitoring, Policy & GuidelinePDF
154862020-02-19Circular Letter No-02/2020: Regarding Prevention in Repeating Irregularities Found On Sudden Branch Visits.MonitoringPDF
130752019-09-08Meeting Minutes of 36th Meeting of Internal Control & Monitoring UnitMonitoringPDF
129442019-09-01Charge Handover & Release of Lutfun Nahar naz (L-229), DGM, Monitoring..MonitoringPDF
123922019-07-09Regarding Sending Half-yearly( June/2019 Based) Self Assessment of Anti Fraud Internal Controls Report to Prevent Fraud-forgery.MonitoringPDF
123102019-07-02Regarding Implementation of 34 Meeting Minute's Decision Held on 27-06-2019.MonitoringPDF
120572019-06-18Regarding Sending Jun/2019 Based Half-Yearly Self Assessment of Anti Fraud Internal Controls Report to Prevent Fraud-forgery.MonitoringPDF
117742019-05-16Regarding Regularization of Errors Found-out While Inspecting Branch by Internal Control Team.MonitoringPDF
116722019-05-07Regarding Implementation of Risk Management Committee's 19 Meeting Decisions.MonitoringPDF
110792019-03-12Regarding Implementation of 33 Meeting Minutes' Decision Held on 07-03-2019.MonitoringPDF
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