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245492021-11-09Regarding Change In Telephone Number of GM Office, Chattogram Division.Chattogram DivisionPDF
245262021-11-07Passport Approval of Mr. Muhammad Moshrur Morshed (M-3644)Chattogram DivisionPDF
237992021-09-29Regarding Change In Telephone Number of GM Office, Chattogram Division.Chattogram DivisionPDF
201252021-03-11Passport Approval of Md. Rafiqur Rahman (R-1214).Chattogram DivisionPDF
201232021-03-11Passport Approval of Sujata Bhattcharjee (S-4272).Chattogram DivisionPDF
201072021-03-09Supply, Installation & Implementation of Computer & Computer Hardware for Several Branches of BKB, Chattogram Division.Chattogram DivisionPDF
191482020-12-17Condolence to Late Mr. Srijan Dhar, CRM, Chittagong (West).Chattogram DivisionPDF
182742020-11-12Passport Approval of Mr. Wahid Sadiq (W-188).Chattogram DivisionPDF
170302020-08-24Passport Approval of Md. Golam Mawla (M-3791).Chattogram DivisionPDF
154942020-02-20Passport Approval of S M Idrish(I-311).Chattogram DivisionPDF
153402020-02-10Passport Approval of Kanak Kumar Chakma(K-843).Chattogram DivisionPDF
152022020-01-29Supply & Installation of 28(Twenty Eight) Nos. Single Phase Petrol Engine Generator.Chattogram DivisionPDF
150982020-01-20Passport Approval of Amena Begum (A-7672).Chattogram DivisionPDF
148042020-01-05Passport Approval of Mohammad Ehsanul Haque (E-355).Chattogram DivisionPDF
145172019-12-22Supply, Installation & Implementation of Computer Hardware for Some Branches of BKB Chattogram Division.Chattogram DivisionPDF
142172019-12-04Passport Approval of Md. Nurul Amin(N-1332)Chattogram DivisionPDF
141222019-11-26Passport Approval of Md Salah Uddin (S-3362).Chattogram DivisionPDF
138832019-11-03Passport Approval of Farid Ahmed (F-259).Chattogram DivisionPDF
134772019-10-01Passport Approval of M Salah Uddin (S-3362).Chattogram DivisionPDF
132232019-09-18Passport Approval of Akaya Chak (A-6653).Chattogram DivisionPDF
132012019-09-17Passport Approval of Mridumoy Chakma (M-1876).Chattogram DivisionPDF
131992019-09-17Passport Approval of Farhana Sharif (F-746).Chattogram DivisionPDF
131702019-09-16Passport Approval of Ayan Chakma (A-7423).Chattogram DivisionPDF
130572019-09-08Passport Approval of Md. Shekh Farid (S-718)Chattogram DivisionPDF
130362019-09-05Passport Approval of Akaya Chakma(A-6653)Chattogram DivisionPDF
130342019-09-05Passport Approval of Rashid Ahmed(R-1515).Chattogram DivisionPDF
130322019-09-05Passport Approval of Suman Chakma(S-4018).Chattogram DivisionPDF
129532019-09-02Passport Approval of Dilara Begum(D-176)Chattogram DivisionPDF
128142019-08-20Passport Approval of Kazi Baktiar Uddin(B-277).Chattogram DivisionPDF
128122019-08-20Passport Approval of Md.Ashiqur Rahman (A-7881).Chattogram DivisionPDF
125792019-07-24Passport Approval of Wahid Sadik (W-188).Chattogram DivisionPDF
122082019-06-30Supply, Installation & Implementation of Computer Hardware for Several Branches of BKB Chattogram Division.Chattogram DivisionPDF
120972019-06-23Passport Approval of Md. Liakat Ali (L-126).Chattogram DivisionPDF
120442019-06-17Passport Approval of Md. Saiful Islam S-(853).Chattogram DivisionPDF
117872019-05-16Passport Approval of Kamalendu Bikas Dey(K-739).Chattogram DivisionPDF
117272019-05-13Passport Approval of Mahmudul Karim (M-3927).Chattogram DivisionPDF
116652019-05-07Painting Works of BKB's Own Building at Soloshahar, Chittagong.Chattogram Division, EEDPDF
116402019-05-05Supply & Installation of 13(Thirteen) NoS. Single Phase Petrol Engine Generator Set Each Capacity 2 KVA.Chattogram Division, EEDPDF
112312019-03-25Passpport Approval of Shimul Chakraborty(S-4140).Chattogram DivisionPDF
108372019-02-17Passport Approval of Kiran Chandra Chakma (K-838).Chattogram DivisionPDF
106442019-02-03Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Chattogram Division.Chattogram DivisionPDF
33752017-05-25Passport approval of Mohammad Azizul Haque (A-7456).Chattogram DivisionPDF
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