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249442021-12-14Passport Approval of Mr. Moshiur Rahman (M-3678).Dhaka DivisionPDF
248812021-12-08Passport Approval of Mr. Khan Afroza Ashru (A-8076).Dhaka DivisionPDF
248502021-12-06Passport Approval of Mr. Nusrat Jahan (N-1813)Dhaka DivisionPDF
247512021-11-29Joining Letter of Mr. Mohd. Khaleduzzaman, Honorable GM, Dhaka Division.Dhaka DivisionPDF
246832021-11-23Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Nazmul Haq (N-1607).Dhaka DivisionPDF
245212021-11-04Passport Approval of Ishrat Jahan Mumu (I-522).Dhaka DivisionPDF
243412021-10-21Passport Approval of Mr. Rokhsana Ahmed (R-987).Dhaka Division
238412021-09-27Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer & Computer Hardware for the Branches of BKB under Dhaka Division.Dhaka DivisionPDF
237262021-09-27Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Computer & Computer Hardware for the Branches of BKB under Dhaka Division.Dhaka DivisionPDF
226252021-07-18Passport Approval of Sadia Afrin (S-5193).Dhaka DivisionPDF
200862021-03-08Passport Approval of Nusrat Jahan Tisha (N-1895).Dhaka DivisionPDF
197252021-02-02Passport Approval of Md. Ashraful Alam (A-7809).Dhaka DivisionPDF
183492020-11-19Passport Approval of Mahmudul Hasan Talukder (M-4197).Dhaka DivisionPDF
173612020-09-27Supply, Installation and commissioning of computer for branches of BKB under Dhaka Division.Dhaka DivisionPDF
158782020-03-25Ex-Bangladesh Leave Permission of Ruhidas Malo (R-1426).Dhaka DivisionPDF
158362020-03-22Passport Approval of Md. Shahid Ullah (S-3682).Dhaka Division
157622020-03-15Passport Approval of Fatema tuz-zohra (F-798).Dhaka DivisionPDF
157602020-03-15Passport Approval of Nusrat Sharmin (N-1677).Dhaka DivisionPDF
157202020-03-10Passport Approval of Md. Shamsuddin (S-3497).Dhaka DivisionPDF
154192020-02-17Passport Approval of Mahmuda Sultana Sonia (M-4001).Dhaka DivisionPDF
154172020-02-06Passport Approval of Meher Afroze Rubi (M-3944).Dhaka DivisionPDF
151842020-01-28Passport Approval of Md. Azharul Islam (A-7944).Dhaka DivisionPDF
151432020-01-23Passport Approval of Maksuda Begum (M-4081).Dhaka DivisionPDF
151412020-01-23Passport Approval of Shahnaz Pervin (P-420).Dhaka DivisionPDF
150832020-01-19Passport Approval of Falguni Dey Tumpa (F-821).Dhaka DivisionPDF
150132020-01-15Passport Approval of Abdullah Alam Mamun (A-7535).Dhaka DivisionPDF
147272019-12-30Passport approval of Md. Selim (S-2034).Dhaka DivisionPDF
145062019-12-19Passport Approval of Nazmul Haq (N-1607).Dhaka DivisionPDF
143502019-12-12Passport Approval of Monishita Bishwas (M-3788).Dhaka DivisionPDF
142792019-12-08Passport Approval of Mir Shakawat Hossain (S-2958).Dhaka DivisionPDF
142572019-12-05Passport Approval of Md. Nurul Islam (N-1563).Dhaka DivisionPDF
142052019-12-03Passport Approval of Nurul Islam Bhuyan (N-1327).Dhaka DivisionPDF
141242019-11-26Passport Approval of Md. Shakawat Hossain (S-2984).Dhaka DivisionPDF
140002019-11-19Passport Approval of Nasrin Akhter(N-1670).Dhaka DivisionPDF
139042019-11-06Passport Approval of Md. Rashidul Hasan (R-1531).Dhaka DivisionPDF
138592019-10-31Passport Approval of Md. Jasim Uddin (J-729).Dhaka DivisionPDF
138552019-10-31Passport Approval of Masum Sarker (M-3889).Dhaka DivisionPDF
136122019-10-14Passport Approval of Mr. Soyel Ahmed (S-4840.)Dhaka DivisionPDF
135902019-10-13Passport Approval of Md. Salah Uddin (S-4138).Dhaka DivisionPDF
134712019-09-30Passport Approval of A.B.M Shahidul Alam (S-3128).Dhaka DivisionPDF
131722019-09-16Passport Approval of Md. Arshad Mia (A-7423).Dhaka DivisionPDF
130792019-09-09Passport Approval of Farjana Haq (F-768).Dhaka DivisionPDF
130502019-09-05Passport Approval of Monowar Hossain (M-4046).Dhaka DivisionPDF
130482019-09-05Passport Approval of Mst. Tahera Akter (T-623).Dhaka DivisionPDF
130462019-09-05Passport Approval of Nurunnahar Akter (N-1555).Dhaka DivisionPDF
130402019-09-05Passport Approval of Md. Azharul Haque(A-3956).Dhaka DivisionPDF
130382019-09-05Passport Approval of Mahbubur Rahman (M-4040).Dhaka DivisionPDF
129132019-08-27Passport Approval of Mohaiminul Islam (M-4050).Dhaka DivisionPDF
126832019-08-05Passport Approval of Mohammad Mominul Islam (M-3984).Dhaka DivisionPDF
126072019-07-25Passport Approval of Helal-E-Sabur (H-4129).Dhaka DivisionPDF
125772019-07-24Passport Approval of Md. Ashraful Alam Mridha (A-7603).Dhaka DivisionPDF
125342019-07-17Passport Approval of Md. Jahangir Alam (J-746).Dhaka DivisionPDF
124752019-07-14Passport Approval of Md. AkhtaruzzamanDhaka DivisionPDF
124362019-07-11Passport Approval of Khalida Parvin (K-971).Dhaka DivisionPDF
124082019-07-09Passport Approval of Engr. Md. Foysal Ahamed Bhuiyan (F-745).Dhaka DivisionPDF
122412019-07-01Passport Approval of Md Salahuddin (S-4138)Dhaka DivisionPDF
121282019-06-23Passport Approval of Mahmuda Akter (S-3689).Dhaka DivisionPDF
121262019-06-23Passport Approval of Sania Begum (S-1791).Dhaka DivisionPDF
119872019-06-11Tender for Renting Two Staff Buses on Monthly Basis for Transportation of Employees.Dhaka DivisionPDF
119352019-06-03Passport Approval of Umme Kulsum (U-99).Dhaka DivisionPDF
119312019-06-03Passport Approval of Ruhidas Malo (R-1426).Dhaka DivisionPDF
118632019-05-23Passport Approval of Jahanara Yasmin (J-603).Dhaka DivisionPDF
118602019-05-23Passport Approval of Taslima Akter (T-364).Dhaka DivisionPDF
117202019-05-13Supply & Installation of 21(Twenty-One) NoS. of Single Phase Petrol Engine Generator Set Each Capacity 2 KVA for Dhaka Division.Dhaka Division, EEDPDF
117172019-05-12Supply & Installation of 97 Unit CCTV Camera & Other Related Items With Necessary Services.Dhaka Division, EEDPDF
116832019-05-09Supply & Installation of 13(Thirteen) NoS. Single Phase Petrol Engine Generator Set Each Capacity 2 KVA for Dhaka Division.Dhaka Division, EEDPDF
116062019-04-30Passport Approval of Md. Habibullah Khan (H-784).Dhaka DivisionPDF
115922019-04-30Passport Approval of Md. Anowar Hossain (A-6392).Dhaka DivisionPDF
115902019-04-30Passport Approval of Md. Sirajul Islam (S-2029).Dhaka DivisionPDF
115722019-04-29Passport Approval of Sadia Sharmin (S-3979).Dhaka DivisionPDF
115702019-04-29Passport Approval of Nasim Ahmed Chowdhury (N-1251).Dhaka DivisionPDF
115682019-04-29Passport Approval of Salma Akter (S-2968).Dhaka DivisionPDF
115662019-04-29Passport Approval of Nurul Amin (N-1618).Dhaka DivisionPDF
115642019-04-28Passport Approval of Ajay Bose (A-7783).Dhaka DivisionPDF
115622019-04-28Passport Approval of Nurun Nahar(N-1409).Dhaka DivisionPDF
113042019-03-31Passport Approval of Kazi Shahjada (S-1717).Dhaka DivisionPDF
109622019-02-27Passport Approval of Shangkhanil De Shuvo(S-4574).Dhaka DivisionPDF
108892019-02-20Passport Approval of Md. Toufiqul Alam (T-427).Dhaka DivisionPDF
108292019-02-17Passport Approval of Shahana Nasrin(S-3998).Dhaka DivisionPDF
107342019-02-10Passport Approval of Khorshed Alam(K-996).Dhaka DivisionPDF
106792019-02-05Passport Approval of Farhana Mohit Bithi (F-793).Dhaka DivisionPDF
106312019-01-31Passport Approval of Md. Sayedur Rahman(S-3238).Dhaka DivisionPDF
105692019-01-28Passport Approval of Bisnu Saha(B-702).Dhaka DivisionPDF
103692019-01-13Passport Approval of Md. Nurul Islam(N-1516).Dhaka DivisionPDF
103352019-01-09Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Dhaka Division.Dhaka DivisionPDF
60832018-01-30Regarding Approval of Study Leave of Aminul Islam (A-7496)Dhaka DivisionPDF
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