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251332021-12-22Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Note Counting Machines (Floor Mounted) for Several Branches of BKB, Khulna Division..Khulna DivisionPDF
241842021-10-12Passport Approval of Md. Habibur Rahman (H-953).Khulna DivisionPDF
240532021-10-07Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Ibrahim Arman (I-369)Khulna DivisionPDF
239352021-10-05Regarding Change In Telephone Number of GM Office, Khulna Division.Khulna DivisionPDF
235392021-09-20Passport Approval of Mr. Md. Ehsanul Haq (E-362).Khulna Division, UncategorizedPDF
234572021-09-14Passport Approval of Nayeem Hasan Bakhtiar (N-1472).Khulna Division, UncategorizedPDF
226092021-07-18DO-khulna/122: Passport Approval of Kazi Masudul Haque (M-2253).Khulna DivisionPDF
223282021-06-30Passport Approval of Tomas Bishwas (T-648).Khulna DivisionPDF
217882021-06-17Passport Approval of Mr. Meghnadh Mozumdar (M-3724).Khulna DivisionPDF
217372021-06-14Passport Approval of Mr. Lipika Rani Das (L-267).Khulna DivisionPDF
217352021-06-14Passport Approval of Mr. Shekh Mohammad Ali (M-4087).Khulna DivisionPDF
155992020-02-27Passport Approval of Md. Uzzal Hawlader (U-86).Khulna DivisionPDF
155972020-02-27Passport Approval of Sanjoy Kumar Kundu (S-4159).Khulna DivisionPDF
152082020-01-30Passport Approval of Md. Rustom ALi (R-1033).Khulna DivisionPDF
152062020-01-30Passport Approval of Md. Keramot Ali (K-655).Khulna DivisionPDF
151372020-01-23Supply, Installation & Implementation of Computer Hardware for Several Branches of Khulna Division.Khulna DivisionPDF
150102020-01-15Passport Approval of Taposh Kumar Biswas (T-555).Khulna DivisionPDF
149842020-01-14Passport Approval of Mahmud Hossain Gazi (M-1619).Khulna DivisionPDF
146402019-12-26Passport Approval of Mahmud Hossain Gazi (M-1619).Khulna DivisionPDF
141762019-12-01Passport Approval of Md. Emdadul Haq (E-357).Khulna DivisionPDF
141742019-12-01Passport Approval of Nipon Halder (N-1541).Khulna DivisionPDF
141722019-12-01Passport Approval of Nahid Sultana (N-1541).Khulna DivisionPDF
141052019-11-25Passport Approval of Shyamoli Rani Pal (S-4328).Khulna DivisionPDF
141032019-11-25Passport Approval of Md. Yahiya (Y-209).Khulna DivisionPDF
140022019-11-19Passport Approval of Kazi Mohammad Sahabuddin Sheikh (S-3024).Khulna DivisionPDF
138282019-10-29Passport Approval of Md. Golam Mostafa (G-309).Khulna DivisionPDF
137532019-10-24Passport Approval of Md. Selim (S-3554).Khulna DivisionPDF
136282019-10-15Passport Approval of Md. Mizanur Rahman (M-3487).Khulna DivisionPDF
133412019-09-26HRMD1-859: Charge of DGM to A.S.M. Kaiyum (K-885), AGM, Division Office, Khulna.HRMD1, Khulna DivisionPDF
133052019-09-25Passport Approval of G. M. Nur Mohammad (N-1523).Khulna DivisionPDF
132262019-09-19Passport Approval of Md. Aminul Islam (A-7444).Khulna DivisionPDF
131812019-09-17Supply, Installation & Implementation of Offline UPS for several branches of BKB of Khulna Division.Khulna DivisionPDF
131432019-09-15Passport Approval of Md. Delwar Hossain (D-408).Khulna DivisionPDF
131232019-09-11Passport Approval of Rajib Odhikari (R-1561).Khulna DivisionPDF
131212019-09-11Passport Approval of Mst. Masuma Khatun (M-2265).Khulna DivisionPDF
131192019-09-11Passport Approval of S.M. Aminul Islam (A-5047)Khulna DivisionPDF
131172019-09-11Passport Approval of Tuhin Bishwas (T-559),Khulna DivisionPDF
121822019-06-25Passport Approval of S.M.Yusuf Hasan (Y-208).Khulna DivisionPDF
120852019-06-19Passport Approval of Md. Imdadul Haque (E-357).Khulna DivisionPDF
120832019-06-19Passport Approval of Nayeem Hasan Boktier (N-1472).Khulna DivisionPDF
119982019-06-12Passport Approval of Dayananda Bishwas (D-518).Khulna DivisionPDF
118842019-05-26Passport Approval of Meherunnesa (M-2909).Khulna DivisionPDF
118562019-05-23Passport Apporval of Tushar Kanti Debnath (T-547).Khulna DivisionPDF
117852019-05-16Passport Approval of Mukti Debnath (M-1577).Khulna DivisionPDF
117562019-05-14Passport Approval of Dayanondo Bishwas (D-518).Khulna DivisionPDF
117542019-05-14Passport Approval of Sushanta Kumar Mondol (S-4440).Khulna DivisionPDF
117522019-05-14Passport Approval of Sheikh Abu Taher (A-6056).Khulna DivisionPDF
117502019-05-14Passport Approval of Antora Shishir (A-7886).Khulna DivisionPDF
117032019-05-12Passport Approval of Gazi Md. Didarul Islam (D-522).Khulna DivisionPDF
117012019-05-12Passport Approval of Gopal Das (G-594).Khulna DivisionPDF
116992019-05-12Passport Approval of Sanjay Kanti Halder (S-4542).Khulna DivisionPDF
115842019-04-29Passport Approval of Biproboron Sheuli (B-669).Khulna DivisionPDF
115062019-04-18Passport Approval of Md. Ibrahim Hossain (I-274).Khulna DivisionPDF
114582019-04-15Passport Approval of Lubna Yasmin (L-275).Khulna DivisionPDF
114562019-04-15Passport Approval of Mst. Fatema Khanam (F-552).Khulna DivisionPDF
111412019-03-18Passport Approval of Md. Faruq Bahadur (F-689).Khulna DivisionPDF
111192019-03-13Passport Approval of Khan Shahana Jasmine (S-3502).Khulna DivisionPDF
111172019-03-13Passport Approval of Md. Humayun Kabir (H-454).Khulna DivisionPDF
109752019-03-03Passport Approval of Shekh Jinnat Ali(J-350).Khulna DivisionPDF
109732019-03-03Passport Approval of Sapan Kumar Saha(S-1823).Khulna DivisionPDF
109712019-03-03Passport Approval of S.K. Delowar Hossain(S-3900).Khulna DivisionPDF
107642019-02-12Invitation for Purchasing Computer for Khulna Division.Khulna DivisionPDF
105262019-01-27Passport Approval of Md. Mostafizur Rahman Khan(M-2957).Khulna DivisionPDF
104252019-01-15Passport Approval of Md. Fazlul Haque(F-399).Khulna DivisionPDF
104232019-01-15Passport Approval of Jhorna Parvin(J-678).Khulna DivisionPDF
104202019-01-15Passport Approval of Ram Prasad Bishwas (R-1403).Khulna DivisionPDF
104152019-01-15Passport Approval of Shishir Mondol (S-4398).Khulna DivisionPDF
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