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Old Notice & Circular

Old Notice & Circular
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Sl NoTitleDateDepartment
1Board Circular-01/2013: Regarding Financial & Administrative Power of different level Executives.05-08-13Board
2DMD-1(bcbd)/13/2014: IO Rashid Book issue & preserve11-09-14BCBD
3Operation Circular-09/2014: Loan Application form for ‘Ghore Fera’.24-09-14Microcredit
4BCBD circular-14/2014: Reopen ‘BKB double profit scheme’ and ‘BKB monthly profit scheme’.19-10-14BCBD
5DMD-1/3(10)/2014-15/84: Regarding Branch deposit account & loan account balancing.19-10-14CAD1
6MPD Circular-06/2014: Name change of different division, department & new department open related.19-10-14MPD
7Acc1-17(54)/2014-15/708: regarding authorized permission for deposit collection above 5 crore.23-10-14CAD-1
8Planning Circular-12/2014: FDR Interest rate redetermine.28-10-14Credit-1
9Credit-1/3(7)/2014-15/291: Loan information record in database for CIB report sending.10-11-14Credit-1
10Circular-07/2014: Regarding Source Tax, VAT, Excise duty deposit.13-11-14CAD-1
11Accounts-1 Circular-08/2014: Redetermination of Interest Rate of general a/c.18-11-14CAD-1
12RMD-11/2014-15/14: Regarding Risk management activities.18-11-14RMD
13Planning Circular-14/2014: Cow loan activities.24-11-14Credit-1
14Planning Circular-14/2014: Sangkar jater gavi palon loan kormosuchi.24-11-14Credit-1
15Recovery Circular-06/2014: reduce classified loan and increase income.14-12-14Loan recovery
16BCBD-22(638)/2014-15/1039: 2 CRM office branch rearrangement in Tangail region.17-12-14Board
17Planning circular-15/2014: Krishi & Polli loan interest rate redetermine.23-12-14Credit-1
18credit-1/1(9)/2014-15/445: Fisheries Loan regulations .01-01-15Credit-1
19Rumabi-325/2014-15/853: Refinance scheme loan related regulations amendment07-01-15Rural & Microcredit
20Admin Circular-01/2015: List of admin circular-2014.19-01-15HRMD-2
21Bcbd-1(119)/2014-15/1290: Money Loundering related Master Circular21-01-15BCBD
22Admin Circular-02/2015: regarding PRL Officer’s Salary.28-01-15HRMD-2
23BCBD-22(1058)/2014-15/1502: 2 CRM office branch rearrangement in chittagong region.17-02-15Board
24Admin circular-03/2015: Employee’s behavior for achieving business target.24-02-15HRMD-2
25MPD Circular-01/2015: Regarding Functions of different offices.03-03-15MPD
26MPD Circular-02/2015: Charge handover during outside travel for office purpose or CL.29-03-15CAD-1
27Rumabi-325/2014-15/1057: Refinance scheme of 10 tk account Loan regulation amendment.05-04-15Rural & Microcredit
28Credit-1/8(492)2014-15/729: Loan Register maintain in CRM office.15-04-15Credit-1
29PSBI-01/2015: Regarding Financial & Administrative power of officers.30-04-15Board
30TMD/494: Regarding Foreign account tax compliance Act-2010 implementation.06-05-15TMD
31credit-/2014-15/790: Loan Disbursement target14-05-15Credit-1
32DMD-2 Circular-02/2015: Closing circular june, 2015.14-05-15PCD
33Planning Circular-17/2015: Loan portfolio discussion regulation.27-05-15Credit-1
34Admin Circular-04/2015: Adhikal Bhata of employee’s.11-06-15HRMD-2
35BKB Online branch activities for June closing-2015.11-06-15ICT
36Planning circular-18/2015: FDR Interest rate redetermine.22-06-15Credit-1
37International & Accounts Circular-03/2015: Target for foreign remmitence for 2015-16.22-06-15FRMD
38Recovery Circular-01/2015: Loan recovery target achievement for 2015-16.22-06-15Loan recovery
39Accounts Circular-04/2015: 2015-16 Profit target achievement.23-06-15CAD-1
40Admin Circular-06/2015: Driver winter dress distribution.23-06-15Procurement
41Circular letter no-02/2015: Mention PF Index no for every personal dealings.24-06-15HRMD-2
42Audit/BCBD circular-01/2015: Annual deposit collection workplan for 2015-16.28-06-15BCBD
43BCBD audit Circular-02/2015: Annual Loan disbursement karmosuchi for 2015-16.28-06-15BCBD
44Admin circular-07/2015: Administrative activities to prevent Cyber Crime.29-06-15HRMD-2
45Admin Circular-08/2015: Exgratia of 2013-14.29-06-15HRMD-2
46MD/3(7)2015-16/01: Business target achievement of fiscal year 2015-1601-07-15md secreteriate
47Admin Circular-09/2015: Redetermination of Honourium rate of guest speaker, trainee, Faculty member of Staff college.05-07-15HRMD-2
48Admin Circular-10/2015: BKB Employee’s training regulations.08-07-15HRMD-4
49Loan Recovery Circular-02/2015: Interest Remission Regulations & Implementation.12-07-15Loan Recovery
5017(3)/2015-16/56: Interest remission for Agricultural loan interest declining for the year 2012-13 .21-07-15CAD1
51BCBD-22(1094)/2015-16/94: Rename of maizvander sharif branch, chittagong.28-07-15Board
52BCBD-1(102)mc-3/2015-16/143: Branch manager’s Parjalochona shova arrangement.11-08-15BCBD
53Admin circular-11/2015: Increase of honorium of Recruitment, Promotion, Time scale related committee.13-08-15HRMD2
54Anibi-prosha-42/93: Self assessment of anti-Fraud Internal Controls related reporting(Jan-Mar’15).13-08-15ICD
55BCBD-1(27)/2015-16/158: To prevent Stamp fraud terminate previous stamp.16-08-15BCBD
56BCBD-1(102)mc-16/2015-16/165: To increase Loan disbursement of 2015-16 idea sent.17-08-15BCBD
57BCBD-1(4)/2015-16/175: 2015-16 agri Loan 4% interest rate target achievement.18-08-15BCBD
58BCBD-1(27)/2015-16/178: 1 hour discussion for KPI achievement.18-08-15BCBD
59Admin Circular-12/2015: Regarding suspension of deduction of loan installment for Eid-UL-Azha.18-08-15HRMD-2
60BCBD-1(27)/2014-15/199: Sending Specimen signature of officer’s.20-08-15BCBD
61BCBD-3(3)/2015-16/220: Jal Note finding Booth.27-08-15BCBD
62BCBD Circular-03/2015: Agri & Polli loan working plan of 2015-1601-09-15BCBD
63Audit Circular- 01/201502-09-15Audit-1
64Audit Circular-01/2015: Bangladesh bank audit objection.02-09-15CAD-1
65Tax Br-03/2015-16/862: Fiscal year 2014-15 Income Tax Return submission.03-09-15CAD-1
66Accounts-1/2015-16/861: 2014-15 Income Tax Return information sent.03-09-15md secreteriate
67BCBD-1(4)/2015-16/239: No fees deduction from Iapp farmer bank account.06-09-15BCBD
68BCBD-1(04)/2015-16/243: Weekly statement sent in selected chak.06-09-15BCBD
69Tax Br-03/2015-16/923: Income Tax deduction on saving account interest14-09-15CAD-1
70Admin Circular-13/2015: Abroad tour permission form.17-09-15HRMD-2
71BCBD-1(4)/2015-16/280: Working plan for Loan disbursement target achievement21-09-15BCBD
72Audit-33/2015-16/431: Regarding Independent testing procedure report not sending.22-09-15Audit-2
73Planning circular-46/2015: Sosho loan sanction.23-09-15Credit-1
74Tax Br-03/2015-16/1018: Fiscal year 2015-16 Income Tax deduction.28-09-15CAD-1
75Planning Circular-02/2015: Regulations of Refinance scheme in 5% interest rate.30-09-15PCD
76BCBD-3(3)/2015-16/347: All torn Note receive.01-10-15BCBD
77Planning Circular-23/2015: Redetermination of Interest Rate of deposit a/c.04-10-15CAD-1
78Recovery Circular-03/2015: 2015-16 loan recovery target achievement.04-10-15Loan Recovery
79BCBD-1(27)/2015-16/352: Financial support for students.05-10-15BCBD
80BCBD-1(27)/2015-16/435: Revenue stamp attach above 400/- bill/vouchar.27-10-15BCBD
81BCBD-1(33)/2015-16/485: Regarding Volt security issue.01-11-15BCBD
82Acc-1/tax br-03/2015-16/1150: Regarding Source tax .01-11-15CAD1
83Circular-05/2015: Use of National Id card for determining salary according to Pay Scale-2015.01-11-15HRMD-2
84Circular-06/2015: Retired officer’s House loan adjustment.03-11-15HRMD-2
85Audit-33(Icc)/2015-16/657: ICC Meeting decision implementation.09-11-15Audit-2
86Acc-2:8/2015-16/1239: Karmochari kallan tahobil late application15-11-15CAD-2
87Tax Br-05/2015-16/1243: Excise duty deduction.17-11-15CAD-1
88Acc-2:8/2015-16/1403: Karmochari kallan tahobil debit advice sent.23-11-15CAD-2
89Admin Circular-14/2015: Redetermination of Yearly & Half-yearly Closing allowance.24-11-15HRMD-2
90Posabi Circular-02/2015: Distribute Financial & Administrative power for Staff college principal.26-11-15Board
91BCBD-1(27)/2015-16/564: Rough Citizen charter-2015 report.29-11-15BCBD
92Tax br-05/2015-16/1286: Regarding Source tax deduction information for audit.02-12-15CAD1
93Circular-08/2015: General account Interest Rate redetermination.02-12-15CAD-1
94Admin Circular-15/2015: Common/Unified ACR Form for DGM & above officers.02-12-15HRMD-2
95Circular-09/2015: Half yearly closing circular-31 dec, 2015.03-12-15CAD-1
96Accounts(TMD)Circular-10/2015: BB-AD Forum 8th meeting decision implementation.06-12-15Accounts division
97Circular- 11/2015: Financial Control Power07-12-15Budget
98Acc-2:5/2015-16/1522: Scholarship-2015 from Karmochari Kallan Tahobil.09-12-15CAD-2
99TMD-17/2015-16/450: Vouchar amendment in RTGS.14-12-15TMD
100BCBD-1(39)/2015-16/673: Online information upload for Pensioner pension according to pay scale-2015.23-12-15BCBD
101BCBD-1(27)kpi/2015-16/678: APC work implementation24-12-15BCBD
102Admin Circular-16/2015: National Pay scale-2015 implementation.24-12-15HRMD-2
103BCBD-1(51)kpi/2015-16/681: Regarding Prime minister’s statement visible.27-12-15BCBD
104BCBD-16(1)kpi/2015-16/749: Regarding implemenation of steps for loss decrease.13-01-16BCBD
105BCBD-3(3)/2015-16/750: All torn Note receive from commercial bank.13-01-16BCBD
106BCBD-1(102)/mc-16/2015-16/777: Loan disbursement, recovery all activities monitoring regularly.20-01-16BCBD
107BCBD-1(33)/2015-16/786: Regarding Volt security issue Audit objection.24-01-16BCBD
108pcd-3/38(1)/2015-16/315: Establish Central Databese for largest Loan.31-01-16PCD
109BCBD-1(39)/2015-16/802: Regarding Pensioner amount01-02-16BCBD
110PoSoBi Circular-01/2016: Business power & foreign trade power.01-02-16Board
111Admin Circular-02/2016: PHD Degree achievement10-02-16HRMD-2
112ICT Circular No-01/2017: Regarding Online Transaction Charge.01-02-17ICT
113Admin (MPPD) Circular-03/2017: Man Power Structure of BKB-2017 (Organogram-2014).25-01-17MPPD


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