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Scam Alert

Scam Alert
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Due to an increase in Cyber crime, Phishing and Fraudulent activities across the Financial Industry, we want to provide you with some information to help you recognize phishing E-mails or Phone calls, SMS or similar activities.


  • Do not share your any log-in details, such as your password or User ID to anyone.
  • Install the latest version of your web browser, for example Internet Explorer, which will have the latest security features.
  • Check to make sure that your Virus definitions and Anti-Spyware are up-to-date, and scan the computer regularly.
  • Don’t open suspicious or unknown emails, email attachments, texts or pop up messages.
  • Don’t open emails with grammatical or typographical errors, or poorly constructed sentences and phrases.
  • Do not open the links in emails that go to Web sites that do not begin with krishibank.org.bd domain.
  • Be careful when befriending strangers online to share any personal or official information.
  • Do not respond hastily to any requests of money or ransom even if they sound desperate or troubled.


  • If you receive a suspicious email that appears to be from BKB, please do not respond to the message or click on any of the links, or change the email in any way Forward the email to dgmvsd@krishibank.org.bd. 
  • Delete the suspicious email immediately after forwarding it.
  • Inform the proper authority if you receive a request to share your password, PIN or any details.
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